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Vanilla Ice is kind of a jerk!

 I know I promised to stay away from controversy, but I just feel something has to be said. Vanilla Ice is a mean person. I get that he is angry about people always making fun of him, but that is no excuse to be a turd burglar! If people are mean to you and you are mean to them in return, what does that accomplish? I know the Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have done to you” or something like that, but I think what that means is if you want people to be nice to you, you should be nice to them. I think what Vanilla Ice is thinking that means (being a good Christian, which I can only assume he is) is that if people are dicks to you, you should be a dick to them. Perhaps, Vanilla Ice is just confused on this point. That is probably it. Now I feel bad. 😦 I should take my own advice! Instead of going around, calling poor Vanilla Ice a jerk, I should pick a more constructive way to give him positive feedback. They should put something in the Bible about that! Boy, they really dropped the ball on that one! Shit. There I go again. 😦