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My thoughts on BBQ

Too many times, people look for the word “authentic” in things.

They’re not looking for something that is authentic, just something that says it’s authentic, because really, if something was genuinely authentic, would it need to advertise itself as such?

Take for example, BBQ.

There are many places in Los Angeles that claim to have authentic “southern-style” BBQ.

If you’re reading this and you’re from the south or you’ve ever visited the south for any extended amount of time, your laugh of derision is well-justified.

Which isn’t to say that there is no good BBQ in Los Angeles. It’s just different.

It accepts that it’s different, it doesn’t try to compete with the authentic. It does its own thing. It’s comfortable with that.

And that works.

Maybe it will never win as many awards or get as much recognition as the truly authentic, but then again, that’s not really the point, is it?

But I do love pretzels.