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I’m so emo!

You ever get the tiniest sliver of a thought that gets stuck in your head and haunts you like a waking nightmare for months on end?

A feeling like you’re forgetting something or there’s something you neglected to do? Or there’s a song that’s driving you crazy and you can’t figure out why?

So there’s this little tune that they play on the radio every once in a while. I had to look up who it was and what the song was called. It was in that Twilight movie.

Anyway, there’s a part in it that sounded really familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. If you don’t want to listen to the whole song, you can skip to 2:35.

Man, that really sounds like something else… something I’ve heard before… many, many times…

Wait a minute, could it be?

That’s it! I finally remembered! Yay! I love when I can place something like that, when it’s been driving me crazy for so long.

Oh, and congratulations, dbags. You ripped off a theme park ride.