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You (don’t really) have 2000 friends.

Here is the Facebook issue, as I see it.

I guess I am out of the loop. I didn’t know they were even changing Facebook. And I certainly didn’t know that people were upset about it. I learned that they were upset about it when I read a friend’s post complaining about everybody complaining about it.

Obviously, people don’t like the live updates in the upper right-hand corner.

And now that they have brought that feature to my attention, I don’t like it either.

It’s annoying.

But why? And what to do about it?

Complain to everybody? Set up a Facebook page to register your complaints about it?

That may work, I don’t know.

I’m going to suggest a radical solution.

Drop your “friends.”

Not your friends. Your “friends.”

I think I have figured out what is so annoying about this new feature.

if you are like me, you have hundreds, if not thousands of Facebook friends that you don’t even know. You haven’t even spoken to them once. They are complete strangers.

Not even because you’re a Facebook friend whore. You probably just added them because you saw you had 50Friends in common with them. You’re not the Facebook friend whore, they are. You just made a simple mistake.

Anyway, in the past, they were in the background. You had your real friends and it was easy to keep up with them.

Now these people are constantly being shoved in your face. You don’t care about them. You don’t care what they are up to.

So why  are they still your friends?

Drop them.

If Facebook only had your real friends information and updates to barrage you with on a constant basis, you wouldn’t mind.

Dare I say, you might like it? It would be convenient not to have to seek out what people you actually care about were doing. The only problem with it is that they get lost in the  torrent of crap. is this what this thing was really made for?

If you’re not really the kind of person who needs the self gratification that comes with a popularity contest populated by strangers, then the solution is looking you in the face.

Drop ’em.