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Earthquake Video *UPDATE*

So I just got a call from NBC News (national, not local), asking about my video. They wanted to know why my shirts don’t move in the background.

I’m going to come clean here.

I don’t know, I’m not a seismologist. But this video is obviously real. I am so sick of people accusing me of being a liar or trying to make a video as a joke!

Why would I do that??

Why is it that everybody thinks this is fake? Are they just jealous of my shirts which I made out of cement and then secured to stationary hangers in my closet with bolts and wires?

Look at the comments on YouTube:

There are some people who think it’s real and I want to thank them for their support, but the rest are just mean. If you think something is fake, then you shouldn’t tell other people. Just keep it to yourself.

Also, I am apparently very unattractive. Especially to 21 year old unemployed women living in England.

Here is my dream scenario of what happened at NBC prior to me receiving this phone call:

Scientist: Well, we just ran the video through our computers, the sounds appear to be real. The shaking is consistent with that of an earthquake, but we can’t explain why the shirts aren’t moving in the background.

Crackerjack NBC Reporter: Hmm, OK. Well, since there isn’t a war (or two) going on and there’s no elections coming up, rather than watch this video the whole way through to the end, I’ll just call this little weasel and try to get a confession out of him!