Darryl worley have you forgotten? 9/11 George Bush Osama bin Laden Barack Obama

we have not forgotten.

 I hate to give this dipshit any more views, so if you know this video, there’s no need to click on it. But I just wanted to say that what this idiot doesn’t get and that none of the people who share his sentiment don’t get is that we have never forgotten. Frankly, it is a supremely insulting sentiment to think that we have. This abomination of a song rings false on so many levels, it is hard to decide which part of it is the most personally insulting of all.  If it was me, I would have to go with the fact that this guy is manufacturing a make-believe controversy to respond to,   in order to profit off of the tragedy of 9/11. But if you want to say it’s because he lumps in 50% of the country as not being “true Americans”, just because they disagree with a war that  had nothing to do with terrorism, until it was started, that’s fine too. And, what the hell, if you just  aren’t a fan of songs that tell you not to get preachy and then proceeded to do just that for the next 3 min., that is cool with me. I don’t know who the hell this guy is and I like it that way.  I feel guilty that I might have inadvertently raised awareness of this truly colossal  abomination of  a song. I just want to say that you are a bad person and I hope you have remorse for making this song. But I’m guessing you don’t, because it probably made you a rich man.

 if you must, click here to watch the video.