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This is the site where Eric Filipkowski publishes his fictional short stories and films. Sometimes he puts up stupid stuff that doesn’t fit any of these descriptions, so chillax. Whatever it is, it’s great! Just go with it, bro. He is an actor/writer from Connecticut who now lives in Los Angeles. He knows several famous people.

Here are some things I have written lately that you might enjoy:

Also, if you don’t think this video is (at least) in the top 3 funniest things you’ve ever seen, please don’t read my blog:


  1. On the contrary, Eric. I ran them through the Naminator 3000 from NameCo, and found that they are, indeed, real names. Just not very nice ones.

  2. Do you own accountabilibuddy.com? I have a use for the domain and would like to see if you want to surrender it.

  3. Eric-
    I’m not sure if you remember me but I had a beach cottage pretty close to yours in Charlestown, Rhode Island. I was pretty young at the time but I came across your page and I wanted to say hi. How have you been?

  4. Yes, I agree, Pit-Pat, this is one of the greatest sketches ever, Jay is a national treasure, unless he’s Canadian, which now that I listen to his “accent”, I can’t help but wonder. Maybe he’s not so great.

    Boy, was the live audience pissed!

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