Five Things I Have Learned From Riding The Bus Three Times

ImageMe and some girl.

I know what you are going to say, “But Eric, isn’t the bus just for poor people?” No, you are wrong. The bus is for poor people AND drunk drivers who’ve lost their licenses AND crazy people who are afraid of driving. AND me! Well, I technically belong to the poor people category now, but I digress. Riding the bus has been an eye-opening experience for me. I wouldn’t recommend it.

1.The bus driver doesn’t like it when you waste time by proclaiming, “grocery store, please!” And then walking on without paying.

2. Random strangers don’t appreciate it when you sit next to them and say, “I’m riding the bus!” Apparently, there aren’t as many Simpsons fans on the bus as I would have thought. (See also: 1.)

3. The bus has a TV on it, but the times that I have ridden it, it has always been showing educational lessons. For instance, there was a grammar segment where they discouraged people from using my favorite word: irregardless.

4. Contrary to what I have heard, I didn’t see any evidence of people refusing to pay the bus driver being okay with this. I am aware that it appears I am contradicting myself with lesson 1, but I assure you, I eventually walked back and paid my fare.

5. And most importantly I have learned that I am the kind of person who will wait twenty minutes for the bus and doesn’t mind paying $1.50 to go 7/10 of a mile just to avoid six.minutes of walking, while also being the kind of person who doesn’t have the money to blow ten bucks on a cab ride to accomplish the same thing.

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