Miley Cyrus? More like LIEly Cyrus! Am I right?

As you can see, I recently got busted listening to the Miley Cyrus song, Party in the USA, so I am ready to admit that I purchased this song on iTunes.

It’s catchy. So sue me!

But when I really listened to the lyrics, I discovered something quite disturbing.

It promotes lying!

Shocking, I know. But it’s true.

In the first verse, she refers to “the Jay-Z song”as “[her ]song” and then in the second verse, she refers to “a Britney song” as her song again!

We’re expected to believe she has two songs?!?

I find it especially ironic, that in a song where she espouses the idea that she’s a regular, hometown gal, she’s all flossin’ and big ballin’ and all up in that with two songs that she claims are ‘her song’ when the rest of us, decent, hard-working Americans are lucky to have one! What could be more ‘ Hollywood’ than that?

Miley Cyrus, you are ridiculous and should be ashamed of yourself!

It’s one thing to be on video, smoking a bong, or dancing around in risque outfits while you perform lascivious dance moves. It’s another thing, all together, to be a liar!

you know what’s even worse? I think she made this song catchy and irresistible on purpose!

I think she was fully intending for this to be a hit song, sell millions of copies and be all over television and the radio!


And that is why I’m calling on you, to join me in boycotting this dishonest young woman and her supposed “two songs that are her songs!”

Together, we can make a difference and send a message to people that this is not a positive role model for the children of the world.


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