Skizzleplex – Crumbs “B” Gone!

[This is an excerpt from the latest issue of my comedy newsletter, Skizzleplex – enjoy!]

Crumbs “B” Gone!

A highly toxic spray that makes your shirt 20% more resistant to crumbs. With cracker season just around the corner, can you afford NOT to buy this??

$59.99 per 3 oz. Bottle

For outdoor use ONLY

Not for use on:

  • People
  • Shirts
  • Crumbs

Fun for the whole family!

(not for use on families)


  1. I’m going to put it ON my crackers! Prevention is the best cure. It’s bound to be better than Easy Cheese OR caviar, and it’s price point is right between the two, ensuring that I will be considered neither slob nor snob! Great job!

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