Tales from PBS

“Hmm, I have this job as a producer on a kids show called “Barney & Friends” that’s about a purple dinosaur, but I’m not really happy. I don’t want to quit, because then that would prevent me from getting unemployment, but if I were to somehow get fired… Oh wait, I’ve got it!”


  1. “Whatever happened to Timmy? Such a nice, sensitive boy, doing what he loved on that dinosaur kid’s show. Last I heard he was living with some boys in a house on Venice Beach. I guess his acting career never took off.”

  2. Unfortunately (or fortunately for employers) most of the time when an employee is fired for cause they aren’t eligible for unemployment. That being said, if I was the HR manager deciding whether to contest the toothbrush dance choreographer’s application for unemployment, I think I would let them slide. It’s the least I could do to repay them for the laugh.

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