Actor’s Corner – 9/15/2009

eric sports

I’m gonna try and keep this low-key, because I could probably get in trouble if this got out, but I wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes, Hollywood stuff with you guys, out there languishing at your 9 to 5 jobs in the midwest.

It’s rare you get to see the curtain come down and reveal all the hard work that goes into making the magic, so this should be quite a treat.

Basically, back in August, some producers from Warner Bros. approached my people with an intriguing offer. Apparently, Daniel Radcliffe had been giving them some trouble with negotiations for the final two films and so they entertained the idea of casting a new actor in the role of Harry Potter.

Naturally, I was on the top of their list and so they had me come in and get all dressed up in the outfit and everything and do a screen test.

I think you’re going to be blown away. I’m normally a fairly modest person, but this is work I am really, really proud of.

Unfortunately, it turns out that they were just using me. They brought ol’ Danny Boy this footage, he shit his pants when he saw my performance and signed on the dotted line and was back in his wizard get-up before he could say, “I’ve singularly been outclassed by the greatest dramatic actor of our generation!”

Anyway, here it is, my part starts around the 20 second mark and remember, keep this under your (wizard) hats!


  1. Thank you, very much. I agree, whole-heartedly. I feel like they took one look at it, slapped themselves on the forehead and realized what a HUGE mistake they had made, not casting me in the first place. It’s like the whole experience of the other movies is entirely skipped over. It goes from the Harry Potter you have in your head when you read the books, the way Jo wanted him to be, right into me. Like the living fucking incarnate of Harry Potter! It still gives me chills when I watch it. I almost didn’t put this up, out of fear of what the studios would do, but I really feel like the truth needs to get out there! Thanks for your support, I’m glad you liked it!

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