The Will Smith Challenge 2009

Oh snap! My next movie is called "Monster Hunter"! That's hilarious!

Oh snap! My next movie is called "Monster Hunter"!

It has occurred to me that every movie, TV show or album Will Smith does has a title that could be used to describe his penis:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Check.

Big Willy Style? Check.

Hancock? Ding ding ding.

Is this intentional? I’m not sure. The guy seems pretty goofy and not overtly sexual, right? Like what kind of rapper does songs about homework?

But then I thought, “Hey, you know what? If you were going to try and base your career around doing projects that sound like nicknames for your wang, you’d probably want to fly under the radar, right?”

You wouldn’t write rap songs about slapping chicks in the face with your johnson, because then everyone would be like, “Six Degrees Of Separation? More like “Six Inches of Penetration! Am I right? Right?”

I guess that one is problematic too, because no rapper would admit their penis was “only” six inches long.

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone, so if you think you can debunk this with a counter-example, I’d love to hear it. Granted, some of them take some work, but pretty much the only one that didn’t occur to me right off the top of my head is “Independence Day”.

That was fairly early on in his career, so he probably wasn’t able to do anything about the title.

“Oh man, I hate the name of this movie, but it’s me and Jeff Goldblum! And aliens blow up the White House! It’s gotta be good!”

So try and stump me in the comments. You’ll see I’m right!


  1. Member in Black?

    The Legend of Teabagger Vance?

    Seven Pounds (maybe the best)

    Shark Tail

    Enemy of the State….

    Oh yes, you are onto something…..

  2. I Am Legend (Sure it is, Will!)

    And is Bad Boys what he calls his balls? You have to wonder…

    And we all know what The Pursuit of Happyness is REALLY about!

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