Dear Apple,


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Thank you for finally implementing cut & paste, MMS and a built-in voice memo application for the new iPhone 3.0 update.

When you buy a $300 phone, it’s probably wrong to expect the same features that any run-of-the-mill Razr would have and I apologize for that. Especially now, since you’ve finally–


It’s not out yet?

They were just announcing the features, not implementing them yet?

Hmm, not til this summer? Well, that doesn’t seem very nice.

It’s like when I was a kid and that rich millionaire came to our orphanage with all those toys and said we could have whatever we want but when we went in the truck, everything but that bag of 3 week old carrots was super-glued to the floor and we couldn’t take anything else, try as we might with our weak little orphan arms.

And then when we left the truck, he would laugh and say, “Boy, you orphans sure do love carrots!”

That’s how I feel now, as if I’m once again watching him drive away with his truck full of toys. Getting that little taste of hope. Relief. Dare I say, “happiness”? Only to have my dreams smashed in front of me.

If there was any snow in southern California, I’d go bury myself in it so that I’d sleep through the wait and then my friend could wake me up when it’s finally out.


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