I hate when somebody says something new is “2.0”.

That said, welcome to hollywoodphony 2.0.

This is basically gonna be like an extended twitter page for me.

Not that I won’t write any more long short stories and stuff, but you’ve probably noticed I’m suffocating under the weight of my own expectations that nobody actually has for me at all.

I realized I have like 20 unfinished drafts that I’ve never published because I’m worried they’re too stupid.

In my life, that qualifies as a wake-up call.

To be honest, even the pressure of finding a picture that I felt I wasn’t going to get me in trouble for stealing had become too much.

So now I’m just gonna post whatever comes to mind.

Basically like twitter, but without the space limitations?

And maybe some new short stories or videos.

You say “dumping ground”, I say “clearing house”.



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