So it’s come to this?


Remember back in 1999 when everybody was like, “Oh man, what are we gonna call the 2000’s?”

Remember the naughts? The zips? The zeds?

Nobody ever came up with anything good. Even ten years later.

But now we’ve got something. Sorta.

Welcome ‘The Millennials’!

I’ve seen this term used 3 times in the past 2 days, so that’s good enough for me. I think it means that they have cellphones and go on Facebook. Also, they’re apparently huge douchebags.

I guess that it doesn’t really describe the decade itself, so much as the people growing up in, or coming of age in it, but fuck it. I’m sick of waiting.

Our long, national nightmare is finally over. You’re welcome.


  1. This was pretty spot-on. Generation X didn’t mean or express much except that the Boomers (a name which actually made sense) were pissed-off that they were getting old and that there were no decent jobs for their kids, so we were all “slackers” since many of them adopted the mindset of Herbert Hoover. Nice to see the GOP reenacting their stupid behavior 80 years ago, it should have the same results: minority party status for the next fifty years…

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