Happy New Year!


I guess that’s innocuous enough, right? Nobody’s offended by that, still, right? Right?

Anyway, I haven’t posted in a while, been busy shuttling myself all over the country for the holidays. Lots of babies and baby mommas to visit. You know how it goes.

Here is a genuine question I have, this isn’t a bit. I seriously want to know why people drive in the cold with their windows down? I know people crack the windows if they’re smoking or for various other reasons, but when it’s 40 out and you have the window all the way down, that means you’re crazy, right?

Is there some logical explanation that I’m missing?

The best answer I’ve gotten so far is that the only people who do this are poor and stupid and blast the heat while they do it, to counteract the wind. But this doesn’t really explain WHY they do it.

Are they just cracked out or psychotic? In my informal study of the subject, I noticed there aren’t many brand new Lexuses or Mercedes doing this. Lots of shitty cars and trucks.

Are poor people just awful? I seriously would like to know.

Thank you and happy holidsays, unless you’re poor, in which case, go fuck yourself.



  1. Well it’s not like driving with the air on, as the heat comes off your engine block and doesn’t really cost you extra energy to produce. Unless they’re driving fast and therefore the open windows would cause drag. If it’s 40 degrees, that’s not THAT cold. Maybe they’re trying to defog the inside of their windows. I’m not sure this should call for castration.

  2. you’re so cute when you’re lit.

    (pssst….check to see if they’re busy scratching and picking the scabs off their forearms, then you’ll get closer to the truth.)

    Happy New Year!

  3. The Social networking websites or blogs are increasingly changing and developing the Presence of the young people into the society, thats a great exemplo have people like you helping and working for a better community,! I hope that would help for a better future

  4. Oh, Eric. My, my, my. Are we making a social comment about those less fortunate than we? It’s beans. Yep. Those darned beans. And, there’s only one way to get the flagulent odor of expelled gases out of the darned vehicle… AND THAT IS TO CRACK THE WINDOW!!!. I’ve seen it done in Jeeps and Mercedes and Mazdas!!! 🙂

  5. Isn’t the answer obvious? Poor people stink, what with their being unable to afford soap, water, deodorant, and the designer fragrances to which wealthy folk like you and I have become accustomed. Windows down is the only way that those lovable little tramps can roll without suffocating under the weight of their own stink.

    I know this because of a summer I spent away from the confines of my posh art school to live among “common people.”. My adventures were popularized by the British band Pulp in their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

  6. I’ve done it from time to time if I’m falling asleep at the wheel. The cold air helps keep you awake if you’re nodding off.

    Other than that, no idea.

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