It’s Sharktastic!


This is a shirt I bought in the Los Angeles International Airport on a return trip from somewhere.

You see, I saw it in the store and debated buying it, but then chickened out.

On my way home, I thought to myself, “You know, how many times do you get a second chance in life, like this?” So I bought it.

This is the kind of shirt I wish I had 20 of.

Not that it fits that well. It’s a little short and tends to ride up on me.

It’s just rare to find a shirt that so perfectly sums up your whole philosophy of life, like that.

I mean, not only is it a shark wearing a Hawaiian shirt who is from Los Angeles (just like me!), it’s a shark wearing a Hawaiian shirt who is from Los Angeles who has sunglasses on!

I mean, how often do you come across a shirt like that? That’s my thing! I always wear sunglasses! So perfect.

Anyway, the surfer part isn’t so much like me, but hey, 4 out of 5 isn’t bad, as far as shirts go.

So I really wish I had 20 of these, because I am sure that they will soon sell out and never be printed again, because everything about it screams “limited edition”.



  1. I can steal the image and pirate you the other 19 at Cafepress, if you’d like. Think of it: you’d be known as “that guy, you know, the one who never changes his shirt.” What a career-booster! Let me know. $19.75 US each, with the bulk discount, plus shipping & handling.

  2. How far Jabberjaw’s career has fallen.

    I heard he took the proceeds from selling his image to the shirt company and threw a huge drug party for all of his homeless Hanna-Barbera pals. Speed Buggy got hopped up on meth and ran over a family of four, and we all know what happened that.sent Beegle Beagle to prison: Grape Ape rape!

  3. Hanna-Barbera was high art, but the best part about them was recycling the same backgrounds over and over again, and the same musical cues. Oh, and recycling characters, like the Shaggy-looking guy who was carried over to Jabberjaw.

    There were times–and these were pre-drug ones–when I honestly felt all Saturday morning cartoons were all just one uber cartoon, kind of like a Wagner opera.

    No, forget the Fleischers and their silly-ass Popeye and Betty Boop, their invention of cell animation–Hanna-Barbera was the pinnacle (snigger!).

    Spiffy shit!

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