Dear Myspace:


Way to go.

Remember back a few years ago when people were abandoning Friendster in droves to join you, instead?

Apparently not.

For all the talk about how things have to stay “fresh” and “cool” and “23 skidoo” with the “kids” these days, a part of the equation gets lost. Namely, that Friendster had become impossible to use.

You know what they say about history repeating itself? No? Oh, well that explains it.

Seemingly, ever day I get a new message from someone on here saying they’re quitting Myspace for good, that they can be found on Facebook.

The media has focused on teens’ fickle obsession with staying ahead of the crowd, but I think that’s only part of the story. Myspace is a mess. There are too many fake spam people on there. There is no control over anonymity. Messages get lost. Errors run amok. And now the blogs don’t work, which is what I’m going to focus on right now.

I’ve been posting my blogs with the text-only editor for something close to a year now. Every time I hit ‘post new blog’, I am subjected to this friendly message:

“Blog advanced editor can’t run on your current browser/OS. Hit ‘OK’ to change to plain text blog editor”

All because I use a Mac. Why bother making something work for that? You know, because nobody uses those.

So, each time I want to re-post from my regular (read: “real”) blog, (you know, the one that lets me do something as basic as upload pictures), I have to cut and paste and then add in the html codes myself. And once I’m done spending that extra ten minutes to reach the 20-30 readers I still have left, it usually doesn’t work anyway.

Now I’m at the point, where I have to ask myself, why bother? All that work to be presented with an error code, telling me that Myspace has been contacted about the problem? Sure, I bet Tom is right on that.

The final straw was the time I went to publish my blog and kept facing the same error. Determined to best this monster, I kept at it, re-doing the final step over and over, until I was finally forced to admit defeat. I hit ‘view my blog’ to see if any of the posts had snuck through, but they hadn’t.

That is, until I started getting messages from people asking me why I posted the same blog 30 times. Well, actually, why I posted a blog that showed up in their blog list 30 times, without being able to be viewed at all?

So, congratulations, Myspace. You’ve gone from the Belle of the Ball to the village skank in under three years. Hopefully, Facebook is paying attention so I don’t have to go through the trouble of grafting all my clever quotes about myself and how unique I am into a new profile.

[addendum: as I wrote this and was trying to post it on Myspace, I ended up getting more errors, so I wasn’t even sure if it would reach the light of day there.]



  1. Dear, Eric.

    Please remember to post this blog to Digg so that you can get a million retarded replies from drooling idiots while semi-artificially inflating your hit count.

    Here, I’ll kick it off:

    why u got 2 b a H8ER on teh myspace?!?? fcaebook iz 4 chumpzz and evry1 knowz dat. u r just a looser who livez in hiz mom’z bassment and u need 2 get a life, BITCH!!!1!! LOL! p0wn3d!!!

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