Your home might not be as safe as you thought


If you’re shelling out big bucks to Brinks Home Security System to watch over your house, you might be interested to know that your money isn’t going into paying for software to convert .wmv files to Mac-friendly formats.

Then again, you might be relieved that they’re cheaping out on their ad budget so that they can invest in more Ford Tauruses painted to sorta look like police cars? And of course, to pay the huge salaries of those rent-a-cops.

I don’t know, but I think this program is like 30 bucks, right? For an ad you’re putting on

I mean, nobody noticed the watermark? Really? Is their web guy trying to get fired?



  1. Eric, it IS you in that Nextel airport commercial, I almost shit all over myself when I saw that, dude! Fuck! You looked good, scary, frightening, and of course, Polish. Very good, that 50-millisecond spot gave me a better idea of your acting abilities. ;0)

    My head hurts after reading this article, but then, it always hurts.

  2. PS: is everyone here who lives in L.A. alright? I hope so, these fires are looking really scary from the Midwest. Agua por favor? Did anyone ask the Modoc Indians and the other California tribes before they built the place? You can have MY water.

    Seriously, I’m concerned and hope all of you are safe from the flames.

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