My iPhone AC Adapter Replacement Is Here!

And boy, did it come in a big box!

When it arrived, I really had no idea what it was. I had forgotten about signing up for that replacement deal a few weeks ago and even if I had remembered, it never would have occurred to me that this giant box was all for a teensy-weensy, little AC adapter.

I mean, this box is nearly 3 times as large as the original one the iPhone came in! And that included an AC adapter that was nearly the same size!

Sure, this box is also used for the return trip of your old AC adapter, because if you don’t return it, they actually charge you for the one they sent out! Seriously, read the letter that came with it! I have a feeling Apple is gonna have a lot of pissed-off customers about 3 months from now who didn’t bother to read that through.

Plus, how safe do you need to keep an AC adapter that you’re probably just going to throw out anyway? They’re not that fragile to begin with. Honestly, a small bubble wrap package would have done the job, don’t you think?

Maybe I’m making a big deal out of this, but when you multiply one box times the millions of iPhone owners out there, it seems pretty wasteful. Not just to the environment, but for Apple, which is gonna have to foot what I would imagine is going to be an enormous bill in terms of materials and shipping.

Luckily for them, at 300 bucks a pop, they probably won’t sweat it too much.



  1. yeah i wouldnt worry too much about sending it back. i got a replacement battery for my ibook g4 via some recall thing and never sent the battery that might explode back and they never charged me.

  2. “Seriously, read the letter that came with it! ”

    Maybe you should have read the agreement before you ordered the replacement. It clearly states that you’re required to return the original.

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people complain about things when they could have avoided any issues if they would just READ THE DAMN AGREEMENT!

  3. if it came in a really small box then it would just get lost and you would never have your precious iphone charger you stupid twat

  4. You’re right, that is very wasteful.

    That is, I mean asking for a tiny object to be packaged and mailed to you is incredibly wasteful when you could just drop in any Apple store and swap it for free.

    The Earth suffers for your laziness.

  5. It wasn’t a ten page agreement. I just did this a few days ago and there was one paragraph and a sentence. It was right there on its own sentence.

  6. 1. Some of us don’t have Apple stores within 500 miles.
    2. Its a standard size box and they REUSE it. You are supposed to send back the box.
    3. If they shipped it in a smaller size box, it would be a waste, its not like they are going to need to recall all the power adapters again.

  7. The reason that the bos is so big compared to the charger is because this is apples traditional return box, if you have ever had to send an ipod in for return, this is what you get sent and its what it comes back in. Chances are Apple has a large amoutn of these boxes as they have been using the same size boxes for years, it would be more wasteful for them to buy more boxes that are smaller just for the sake of the adapter.

  8. Apple doesn’t handle the exchange, a third party ships it out, etc. My PowerBook G3s PSU was replaced in the same size box from the same people..

  9. It’s a generic shipping box, i’ve had ipods, and ipod adapters and stuff come in in the same size box. What is so wasteful about it, when it is a return box to ship your old stuff back? How lazy are some people that it seems easier to throw away the box than return the item you are supposed to.

  10. That’s a standard size box. While a bubble mailer might work, that’s just the size of the “small” shipping box. It’s not Apple’s fault that the shipping industry as a whole is not environmentally friendly.

  11. You Apple queens are hilarious…whining and bitching about a freaking box. Now commence inserting your 2cm penises into the MAC book AC adapters.

  12. This goes way beyond the simple charger replacement shipping.

    If you’ve ever ordered parts from Apple you’d know just how wasteful this is. You’d get 20 boxes (or more) just like this instead of just one with 20 little pieces in it. All shipped seperately. (not even in one bigger box)

    They do this irregardless of whether its being returned/shipped back or not as most parts, they don’t want back.

    Each piece is then wrapped in multiple layers of plastic, inside plastic bags (not anti-static bags). The amount of garbage that an Apple parts order generates is astounding.

    Also, they do not reuse these boxes. Each one sent is brand-spankin new.

  13. Apple uses the same box for every iphone, and ipod repair, and they can reuse the boxes. I don’t see what’s wasteful.

  14. Other people have said it, but it’s worth repeating because this whole article is frustrating-

    It’s a standard size box for shipping apple parts to and fro. They get reused. There is no waste unless you don’t send it back. Apple will charge people money just for the larger boxes used to ship macbooks if they don’t get returned.

  15. I’m physically numb from reading these posts. Can we have a rule that a person must know who Dick Blick is before posting? Maybe a short HoPho quiz to gauge response to humor?
    Don’t let Pit-Pat’s death be for nothing.*

    * I killed Pit-Pat.**

    ** With kindness.

  16. I believe the purpose of the relatively large box was so that it would not get lost in the shipping process. I’m guessing Apple has figured out that boxes smaller than a certain size are x% more likely to get lost by the UPS guy in his truck, and so they have a minimum size for the boxes, to improve the chances that it gets to your house on time.

  17. When I worked as a Mac Genius, we used to get all kinds of small parts in big boxes.. The second gen. shuffle came in a HUGE freaking box. It was so silly.

  18. Just pack your own one up, ship it out and then shut up. Do you not have anything else in your life to blog about? I mean, my god….

  19. The box is not that big. Honestly if you send tiny little boxes the size of your ac adapter it would fall through the cracks of the sorting machines.

  20. Let’s be positive and think of ways you can use that box. That cozy little foam space is perfect for:

    1. An engagement ring (cardboard says “I’m classy and I recycle.”
    2. A human finger or toe (for fans of The Big Lebowski)
    3. A carefully cut slice of cheese (for those who really care about cheese)
    4. One very small vampire.

  21. Someone take this up with Steve Jobs at a Macworld conference or something – he talks so much about the environment – about them using glass on the iPhone against plastic, about how recyclable the materials are, and then the shipping as well… in fact, he talked a great deal about it in the 2008 Apple Music Event as well….

  22. One of these dbags actually wrote me an email. I guess he felt what he had to say was too important for just a comment. And by ‘too important’, he means ‘the exact same thing every other dbag already said”, only his was less eloquent, if you can believe it. You sorta have to resist the urge to comment back to most of these types, but I feel at this point, things have died down. You don’t want to encourage these people in any way. I mean, let’s be honest, if you have nothing better to do than yell at someone who took a picture of a cardboard box because he thought it was a mildly amusing sight gag, you don’t really deserve a response.

  23. I’m really sick and tired of people badmouthing boxes on the internet. I mean, come on! What did that box ever do to you besides deliver a product to you that will keep your precious Apple product (conformist!) fully charged so that you can show other people how cool you are at all times?

    Sorry like I just think it’s time people stood up for boxes and all the wonderful things they have done for our country. If you don’t like them, then go back to communist Russia with all of the other commies, Yakov!

  24. Doyou know whom the return shipping service is through? I go tmy replacement too and I have the slip, but I don’t know whether I’m supposed to drop it off with Fedex, USPS, UPS, DHL…


  25. If you think THAT box was ridiculous, you should have seen the one they sent me my WHOLESALE PLASTIC BOTTLES in.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! All you newbies don’t even KNOW how hilarious that callback is! Suck it, greenhorns!!!!

    And when I say IT, I mean my FROSTY!!!! LOL! ROFLMAO!!!

    Oh, and you’re killing the planet with your precious technology. So don’t ever say you can’t accomplish anything.

  26. Problem is, your nitpicking about his complaining about your nitpicking is, in fact, complaining. Glad I could clear all this up.

    Let’s stop hating each other and get back to hating the REAL problem: black people and Jews.

  27. “Seriously, read the letter that came with it! ”

    “Good point, I should expect to have to comb through a ten page legal document before I can have a product that doesn’t catch on fire.”

    You deserve to be charged the $29 fee for not returning the original and sent a defective replacement that does catch on fire for your oh so intelligent remarks.

  28. So what is it exactly about my remarks that is not intelligent? Why do I deserve to be charged $29? You know, just because you say something like that, doesn’t make it true and it certainly carries no rhetorical power over anyone else reading these comments.

    It’s interesting that one of the common threads here seems to be that if I don’t read the letter, I deserve to be charged money for my replacement, when I clearly state that I have read the letter. Unlike most people, I also called the number on it, because the return address label ripped. You know what Apple told me? Don’t bother sending it back, because that letter was sent in error. They never meant for people to return the defective part. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. To me, it seems more likely that they tell you to return it as a legal precaution so that somebody doesn’t leave the defective one around, lose the replacement and then think, “oh, well I’ve got this one anyway, might as well plug it in.”

  29. My original comment was concerning your complaining about the letter that came with the new adapter stating you would be charged for not returning the original adapter.

    I simply stated that if you had taken the time to read the original agreement (just a few lines not a 10 page document) you would be well aware of YOUR responsibilities.

    Since you can’t be bothered by such trivialities (maybe you’re too intelligent for such obligations) my belief is that karma demands you receive a defective replacement.

    Put that in your rhetorical pipe and smoke it.

    I do agree with your reasoning on why Apple is (or are they?) requiring return of the original (defective) adapters.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  30. You were right. These dbags are real dbags. Whether they have a point or not is beside the point. They’re idiots for even caring about this or thinking that anyone cares about their sassy little take on the issue. There’s a war going on people!

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