The day I’m having…

That’s some random person’s car parked in front of my garage. You can see my car, to the right.

I walked outside and spotted a woman with some dogs in front of my neighbor’s house.

Me: Hi, do you know whose car this is?

Terrible Human Being: (snappy) Yes, that’s my car.

Me: Um, ok. Do you think you could move it? It’s blocking my driveway.

Awful, Soulless Person: (brisk) I need to take these dogs inside!

She leaves with the dogs, I stand there, dumbfounded. After a few minutes, she returns.

Selfish, Miserable Individual (cont’d): (angry) These workmen parked in the driveway, there’s no where for me to park!

Well, there actually was somewhere to park. In fact, right next to my garage is an actual parking space that was totally unoccupied. Of course, she would have had to walk an additional 14 feet, so it’s understandable that she chose to block my garage instead.


  1. Since you didn’t include a license plate photo, I can only draw one conclusion.
    The car belongs to your “estranged twin” Erica, and those weren’t do_g_s, they were “real girl doll” heads glued to rotting hams.

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