1. AAAUGH! Stop using the exact same browser as me — I tried to move that scrollbar in the image and it totally freaked me out.

    Appropriate, I guess. Revelations 26:2 says “Do not ye be freaked out by scrollbars, nor signs of scrollbars, nor the circus of Dr. Lao.”

  2. He’s not eating Domino’s pizza, feliciab. He’s making it. Big difference.

    However, if Jesus did decide to sample some of the Domino’s pizza crafted with holy love from his own pure hand, He would certainly not cast judgment upon it in such a coarse manner as you have here. Surely in his infinite wisdom, the Son of God could find it in His heart to forgive Domino’s for the low quality ingredients that can cause heartburn and sometimes persistent diarrhea in even the holiest of holies.

    We could all do better to follow the teachings of Jesus in situations such as this. Forgiveness is The Lord’s Pepto Bismol, tolerance His Immodium-AD, and love His Preparation H (please apply love liberally to any and all burning hemorrhoids).

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