Must I always be right?

Apparently, I must.

My favorite band, the Bearnaked Ladies[sic], are at it again. This time the other lead singer, Count SA, got into a plane crash. He’s the rapper guy, not the drunk driving guy.

Did I mention the plane had pontoons on it? Because there are no runways in all of Canada?

Hey guys, take the hint: Just give up.

Now welcome me back!



  1. I have a feeling that this rash of Barenaked Ladies legal fiascos is all carefully orchestrated to keep their name in the news so that that one annoying guy will keep singing “One Week” at karaoke every Wednesday night. That guy is so awesome! He knows all the words! Just like last week! I like the part where he says, “Chiggity China, the Chinese chicken.” I can only hope that one day my life has such a defined and meaningful purpose. Keep on rockin’, Jeff!

    You were gone, Eric? Hmm, I hardly noticed.

  2. we sure will, just as soon as Rob and I finish the 45th pay-per-view……we’ve ordered on your set….

    while you’re waiting, be a dear and dash to the store….
    you’ll need to stock up on Raid foggers, groceries, Resolve, and some dry wall….see you in a bit!

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