3 reasons why I see nothing good in this world

1. How is this not bigger news?

2. How are you “threatened” by a dog that’s running away?

3. And this speaks for itself.

As a bonus, my annual pass is blocked out at Disneyland.



  1. I have to disagree with that second guy. Everyone knows that Texas is one of the best states in New Jersey.

    What’s the worst state in New Jersey? New Jersey.

  2. Here go some funny comments!

    1) Most Americans can’t remember ANYTHING because they’re too busy worrying about insignificant bullshit.

    2) About half the cops out there are maladjusted fucks. The other half are just average miserable human beings, but the maladjusted ones love the bully club. Get ’em started, and they fight like those Jersey bitches. True story. Traffic stop-Tulsa, OK (all right, so it was an extremely high speed). One cop pulls his gun and has me lie on the ground. Second cop comes up from behind, kicks me in the back of the head and breaks my jaw. First cop stomps my glasses just for punctuation (and HE was wearing glasses). I weighed 145 lbs, and wasn’t resisting. Certain precincts in any given city are like legal sreet gangs. After that, I called TPD “Gang Green” until they changed their uniforms. Now they look like security guards, so I’m happy with that. And I wear contacts.

    3)Don’t have much to say about this one, but I’m definitely popping my collar from now on, if it will attract a classy chick like that!

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