Rob Wagman: Living Portrait

My ventriloquist dummy, Rob Wagman is trying to cash in on the current craze of “living portraits” sweeping the nation with his own take on the genre.

Make sure you watch the whole thing so you don’t miss anything that might happen later in the video!


  1. I thought it was scarier when YOU walked in the room, Eric. Thanks for fixing it. Now I’l sleep like a bug in a rug.

  2. OMG! That totally reminds me of when I was growing up! I had this clown doll in my bedroom, and it always really freaked me out at night. One night, as it was sitting in a chair at the foot of my bed, I decided to throw a jacket over it so it wouldn’t stare at me with its dead eyes. Feeling more comfortable, I laid my head down to go to sleep. After a few seconds, though, I heard the tinkling of some little bells, just like on the clown doll’s shoes! I looked up, and the clown doll was gone! Very frightened, I peered under the bed, but the doll was nowhere to be found. As I Pulled myself back up into bed, feeling a little relieved, the clown doll was right there in bed with me, and it attacked the hell out of me! Scary!

    Later, I was partially eaten by a tree, my little sister disappeared into the TV, and our house imploded on itself. Our story was adapted into a popular 1980’s film, Police Academy. I was the guy who made the noises with my mouth!

    Beep bop boop! Skkkrggle blorp! Weeoooo Weeeeoooo!

  3. Dude, it’s 9 in the morning, and you’re a douchebag. Imagine waking up to this video. Seriously, I don’t know if we’re interweb pals anymore after this. Jesus CHRIST.

  4. I’m so humiliated……you’ve exposed 2 ugly facts about me…I don’t follow directions and I’m a chickensh#t….

    and the reward for going all the way through with this video this morning….is stark raving insomnia tonight.

    all my love (NOT!), K

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