Drunk History Vol. 3: The Reaction

So I just posted this long-winded thing about how the internet sucks and everybody sucks and people are mean and whatnot. It didn’t really come out the way I was hoping. It’s kinda preachy. I don’t think I really covered any new territory.

But what inspired that in the first place, I pay homage to in this video, which I think came out much better.

If you somehow haven’t seen it, please watch the new Drunk History.



  1. If you think THAT’S funny, you should see the part where they all talk about FARTS! Those guys are GENIOUS!

    And Larry’s fat sister with the MOLE!

    I can’t talk about Ron, though. He’s funny when he first starts drinking, but after about a quart of scotch, he get’s mean. He threatened to cut my grandmother’s throat because she was walking too slow through the Waffle House.


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