Apple Computer Company Unveils New Product!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Have you heard about this?

Apparently, Apple Computer Company has released some sort of handheld “smart phone” apparatus that they claim will revolutionize the industry.

Dubbed the “i-phone”, they say it combines the features of a cordless phone, a miniaturized computing implement and a music player, all into one.

Far be it for me to scoff at such a claim, but let’s just leave it at the old axiom of “seeing is believing.”

Since I don’t see it anywhere, I don’t believe it.

I guess that Apple has decided the low-key approach is the best, from a marketing standpoint, as I have yet to find any mention of this in the media.

The most far-fetched part of this whole thing is that they think anybody would be willing to pay almost TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS for such a device!

Um, hello? For a phone???

Earth to cuckoo Apple people: prepare to fail BIG TIME.

Excuse me if I don’t rush out to my local eBay re-seller with my StarTac in hand. Better yet, why don’t I stay home, tape a calculator and a Walk Man to it and call it a day? There ya go, I just saved 200 bucks.


  1. Pfft. Apple. Aren’t they going out of business? And isn’t this 1997?

    Hey, Eric. 1997 called, and they want their post back. Oh, hang on a second. Okay, 1997 just called me, and they want their joke back too, so if you want me to give them your post at the same time, just let me know.

  2. $200 is chicken feed; I’d pay it for a device that could actually deliver all of that. Am I missing something. “Apples” are good for you! An apple a day…

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