Homer got hacked!

If you never caught this, Homer Simpson reveals his email address in one of the episodes from the fourteenth season. Attentive viewers took note of this and tried to email him. Apparently, he wrote some of them back.

From the Simpsons Archive:

“Homer’s e-mail address chunkylover53@aol.com, as seen on EABF03, was registered by writer-producer Matt Selman, who also replied to e-mails from fans testing it. “He logged in the night that the episode aired and it was immediately filled with the maximum number of responses. He’s tried to answer every one of them and then as soon as he answers a hundred, a hundred more pop in,” Al Jean told the New York Post in January 2003.”

So when this happened, I added “chunkylover53” to my instant messenger list. I vaguely recall him having funny ‘away’ messages for a while.

And then he disappeared.

A few years pass and then I log on today and see “chunkylover53” is online. It actually took me a few seconds to realize who it was, but then I got excited!

Until I saw the status message you see above.

That link goes to some file-sharing site. There’s no episode tonight about Hilary and Obama. It’s not even Sunday!

What kind of bullshit is this??

But then I got to thinking about it. This is exactly the kind of thing Homer would do.

You think he’s going to have a strong password? It’s probably “donuts” or “marge”. Maybe “flanderssucks” if he was feeling ambitious.

So in the real world, someone like Homer would totally get their account hacked or download some trojan on Myspace. Something dumb like that.

I’m not saying this was the intention of the Simpsons’ writers, just a nice little alignment of reality and TV in the universe today.



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