Happy 4th of July, from the Love Guru!

Yes, that’s the real piss mop from the movie. Jealous much?

In case you haven’t seen it, there’s the most amazing scene where Mike Myers and SIR Ben Kingsley duel with mops that have been dunked into buckets full of urine. It is truly an historic moment, not just in cinema, but in the world at large.

I seriously think they’re going to re-write the lyrics to “Gimme Shelter” to include a reference to this, at some point.

This is the movie equivalent of one of the radioactive carbon rods that caused the chain reaction in Chernobyl. It’s a piece of history! And I own it! I hold it in my hands for all the world to see!

You don’t believe me that it’s real? Well check this out!

Yeah, baby! Groovy! Do I make you horny, baby? Schwing!!!



  1. Haha, that is awesome! Did you see it yet? Myers’ best one so far. And did you see the Dave Matthews cameo? Funniest part of the film. Were you in it? like the background or something?

  2. Oh Eric, I’m so happy for you. People wait their whole lives to own collectibles such as this piss mop. My Precious Moments figurine collection pales in comparison!

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