Dedicated to all the Dave Matthews Fans

If I was in a commercial, I would want it to be like this. But like DMBFAN19987543 said, I’m not. So here it is anyway!



  1. Obviously Photoshopped.

    In the original version, the baggy pants dude was carrying a machine gun.

    Fuck you, Steven Spielberg!

  2. No, that’s the Key PA’s job. I’m just a regular PA. My main duties were a little less glamorous. I had to get there a half hour early (4:45 AM) and pick up all the dog shit on the beach before the crew got there. That way, nobody important would step in dog shit. What I didn’t realize is that the reason they had me do that is because that part of the beach is basically one big dog park and there was 3 Hefty bags full of dog shit I had to pick up. The smell was so bad, it made me throw up like 3 or 4 times and then I had to clean that up too! But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

  3. What you didn’t realize was that you were collecting the next new topping. Next month, watch for the unveiling of the “Shithouse Burger ™”


  4. you rule the bk kingdom………absolutely MEMORABLE commercial..would like to see you in more…going out to get one of those special burgers.

  5. hey! thankyou so much for putting this commercial up and for checking out my blog where i had posted it too! yippeeee! how did you get it? we need to get a copy too!!!!!!

  6. I doubt that a mega-franchise like Burger King (Home of the Whopper) is aware that their newest spokesmodel tricks people into seeing his penis.

  7. Finally saw this on MTV today. Sad that I was watching MTV, but that’s not the point. The point is I post on the blog of a guy who is featured in a Burger King commercial. God, I am awesome!

    Oh, and good job and stuff, Eric.

  8. Holy Shit, I just saw you on TV!! I saw this on here when you originally posted it but didn’t realize it was real. Then I was watching TV with my girlfriend last night and I was like “Holy Fucking Shit, that is Filipkowski!

    She was like “who?”

    I was like “You know I how told you that I dont read the paper anymore and just read this dude’s blog instead.”

    She was like “Yeah, I guess.”

    “Well, that’s the guy!”

    “You read a blog written by THAT guy? You’re a loser.”


    By the way Burger King kicks ass!

  9. I try to be humble, but as some of you know, I was in a commercial, or rather a series of commercials. Here’s my story:

    BK, You can’t beat a Ding Dong!

  10. Hey, Eric. Looks like you got in and got out on the Burger King train just in time. I just saw this commercial yesterday, and I must say that I am disgusted:

    Apple fries? That aren’t even, in fact, fried? Do they understand how much child on parent violence this whole thing is going to inspire?

    “Here you go, Chubby Chubberton, I got you these nutritious apple fries to go with your burg- Ow!!! Why are you stabbing me with that spork?!?! Someone help me!!! Hey, put those down! Those are my delicious french fries! Do as I say, not as I do!”

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