For my female, 60+ fanbase

A real conversation I just had with my mom.

MOM: I’m watching that show.

ME: What show?

MOM: The cartoon. The one with the guy with the glasses.

ME: The fat guy?

MOM: Yes.

ME: And there’s a dog?

MOM: Yes. And the fat son.

ME: Family Guy?

MOM: Yes! That’s It! I think.

No, actually it isn’t.

But it got me thinking. Are we really so different?

Texas/Rhode Island. Hank Hill/Peter Griffin. Redneck/White. Non-talking/Talking dogs.

Do any of these differences really matter? I’m not trying to say Family Guy is just a ripoff of King of the Hill, I’m just pointing out that these two shows, which seem so different on the surface, really aren’t that dissimilar, if you look at them with the eyes of ignorance.

The eyes of a child. Or a middle-aged woman. Same thing.

I think if we stopped looking at the world in ways that we’re different and started looking at the ways that we’re the same, we wouldn’t have war and global warming and bald eagles and all that crap.

That’s the world I want to live in.

Thanks, Mom.

[Incidentally, in researching this blog, I came across this hilarious page, but be warned, it’s not safe for work or kids or Moms. Seriously, don’t click on this or I am going to have Dad talk to you about it.]


  1. That is just like my mom. And it is my job to make sure I have the name of the movie/TV show/actor ready for her, using far too little information. For instance:
    Mom: Hey, this movie has that guy in it!
    Me: Who?
    Mom: He’s in that movie I told your father I didn’t like and he has glasses.
    Me: Phillip Semour Hoffman.
    Mom: Yes!!

    My mom won’t watch Family Guy. She says she’s sure that she’d like it if they would just quit cutting away from the story all the time. And they have dirty mouths like her daughter.

  2. As a member of your female, 60+ fanbase, I really appreciated this article, Eric. And might I add that you and your fabulous neckbeard are quite dashing. You often remind me of a young… oh, who’s that actor? You know, he’s Scottish or Irish or something, and he has that beard… looks like he would smell like soup… oh, you know who I mean!

    Oops, gotta go! Kevin Costner is on TV in that movie where he’s a baseball player. No, not that one. No, not that one either. Oh, goodness, I’ll think of it in a minute. I keep wanting to say Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, but I know that’s not right…

    Here, talk to your father.

  3. this is the best cartoon ever,reminds me of typical lifestyle in jamaica.Its a part of my daily routine,have to watch it.And i speak for alot of my friends who dont have access to a computer.hilarious,trust me!!!!.these men illustrate what friendship is all about and being a family 100% straight’lol’

  4. I could go on and on about king of the hills,but time does not permitt me,I would speak of the cartoon and people would think,im talking about a movie,then when they realize that its a cartoon im talking about,they would make it a point of their duty to watch it.I look forward to see the worlds best cartoon ever,at nights,before going to bed.

  5. I am now on holidays in Croatia, where we have many American Dads but not too many television. I will tell you for many days and night of the wonderul Croanimation, but I must sleep now, for I enjoy many hours working in the cartoon mines. When I tell them of it, many of the peoples often think I speak of the type of hilarious things often seen in darkened tenement basements. What they do not understand very much which makes me often laugh alot, is that in my country, cartoons are constructed of discarded machine parts and pine shavings, which I bring from home. I enjoy most of these on many nights before I wake up and vomit for an hour and a half due to alcohol poisoning. Right on.

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