Coming soon!

In the meantime, why don’t you head over to Burger King and enjoy this delicious sandwich?



  1. Gosh! I’m excited! Maybe there’s still time to get them to throw a piece of apple pie a la mode on top for the ultimate dining experience.

  2. Bah! Too much bun, I say. For a real burger treat, head over to my new fast food venture, “Hey, Fatty! Cram This Down Your Gullet!”

    My feature sandwich is called “The Quadruple Bypass.” It’s not so much of a traditional sandwich as a sort of gourmet amalgam of everyone’s favorite American treats. Basically, we take some deep fried chicken nuggets, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a quarter pound of American cheese, one Hershey bar, a half pint of ranch dressing, and a stick of butter, and we mash it all together. Then we cover the outside in a ball of ground beef. Next, we roll that around in milk and flour, then drop it into the deep fryer for about four minutes. We don’t serve these things on a bun, either. Customers have to come back into the kitchen, reach into the fryer with their bare hands, and immediately cram the whole thing in their mouths. Sure, they may get third degree burns on their arms, hands, mouth, throat, esophagus, and inner stomach, but it’s a dining experience they won’t soon forget!

    Come on down! Mention this post and get a free side of deep fried cigarettes! Mmm, now you’re in flavor country!

  3. Hey, bitch! I’m the most arrogant man in the world! You should see what I did for that Baconator last time I was at Wendy’s! It was racist, too!

    You kicked ass, fool! I just saw it on TBS during “Family Guy”. I did a classic double-take, then 2 spit takes and farted before I could get to the remote. I DVRd it and watched it about 4 times. I laughed my ass off. Awesome Show, Great Job!

    By the way, about 10 minutes later, the next BK comercial came on. It had “the artist formerly known as Sean P’diddly Combs”. My question is this. Were your checks similar? Because his sucked.

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