While you were sleeping…

I was up listening to the same two songs on iTunes over and over.

The first song I am saving for next week when I have a secret surprise for everyone, but the second song is “Lost Girls” by Tilly & the Wall.

I haven’t really listened to any of their other songs, but my companion likes them and she played this song for me once.

If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you give it a listen. It’s based on the works of Henry Darger. He’s what’s considered an ‘outsider artist’.

He was a hermit who only ventured outside of Chicago once in like 50 years or something. He grew up in an orphanage and lived alone his whole life.

He wrote a 15,000 page(!!!) book called The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, that was only discovered days before he died.

Nobody’s even read the whole thing except for a few scholars. An article on him in MSNBC pointed out that number is nearly 16 times as long as the standard English translation of War and Peace.

He not only wrote these ridiculously long books, but made enormous 10 foot long watercolor/collages, illustrating the scenes in his book.

Anyway, I really relate to this guy. And not just because he appeared to be completely unfamiliar with female genitalia! Ha cha cha!

I feel like the only thing holding me back from becoming a prolific hermit/recluse/genius who will die completely unappreciated is that I’m too lazy.

Maybe it’s time I really reach my full potential?

I’m not too fond of picking through garbage, but maybe I could make something else my ‘thing’? Like I could be one of those people who yell at you for no reason or give out-of-towners incorrect directions to various landmarks just for kicks?

15,000 pages? I’m only at 317 words right now and I’m already winded!

Let’s face facts: I’m no genius. I don’t have it in me to create anything good, I know that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t aspire to achieve that, without really wanting to put in the effort, right? This is America, afterall!

In a rare moment of weakness, I will let you in on a little secret. I believe in the triumph of the small and the weak over the unassailable.

That’s what this giant book is about. Little children, enslaved by an evil power, rising up against it and (maybe) defeating it, against all odds.

Oh man, I can’t even read this over or I know I won’t publish it. I can already see 11 AM Eric wanting to beat the shit out of 1 AM when he sees this tomorrow.

And you know why? Because 11 AM Eric is a bully. So fuck that guy. He’s not gonna win this one!

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