Rock n RickRoll in a Volvo

I don’t know if you saw the video of the kids crashing their parent’s Volvo today, but it’s a pretty spectacular sight. These kids are driving along in some foreign country when the guy jerks the wheel and rolls the car violently.

Well, I wondered what the hell could have caused this. You just kinda see the guy freak out and start jerking the wheel and then all hell breaks loose.

So, I did some fishing around and found the real, unedited footage, without all the stupid slow-mo crap and inaccurate descriptions. Luckily, in this version, you can definitely see what happens. When I uploaded it, YouTube somehow added 4 seconds to the running time, so it’s a little off at the end, but you’ll get the gist of it.



  1. A very similar thing happened at my high school when I was growing up.
    YouTube completely cut off the end of my video, so you don’t get to see the actual decapitation, but I guess the point is that we all do stupid things when we are young. That’s what my friend Billy would have said, if he could be here right now.

  2. It would seem that we all have a tragic story like this in our distant past. My buddy Sammy had lots of trouble obeying the speed limit. Hell, it was almost like he just couldn’t do it. Anyway, immediately after the following video was filmed, he ended up in a horrible crash that didn’t kill him, but it turned him into an insufferable douchebag who would go on to ruin a great rock band. That’s my theory, anyway. But upon further inspection of this video, I’m starting to think maybe the crash didn’t change him at all, because he seems pretty much like an insufferable douchebag here, too:

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