Quit jerking us around!!!

When the hell is the new 311 album coming out?!?

If you’re like me, you can’t wait much longer!



  1. since when did 311 start to look like the guys from queer eye? maybe it’s just the pastels in the background. that said, when did the guys from 311 become pastel loving pussies?

  2. I think they said it all themselves in the classic “Down”. The song title itself was a not-so-subtle euphemism.

    “We’ve changed a lot and then some, some.
    You know that we have always been down, down.
    If I ever didn’t thank you, you,
    Please just let me do it now”

    Scattering spit? Dreaming of juice. Oh, these boys are down, alright.

    You can thank me, all right. On your knees.

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