Check this shit out!

So you might be thinking you beat me, but I have revised the original deal to be that I will publish a new blog each WEEKDAY. Yes, I can change the rules like that.

Two things:

I was on Click the picture above and you’ll see it’s true.

Secondly, I was driving through the canyons of Malibu today, reflecting on the kind of place I would like to live out the rest of my days and I recalled a story I had read in my youth. As I began to recount it to my traveling companion, I started to doubt (as did she) its authenticity or even existence.

This is a seriously messed-up story by F. Scott Fitzgerald and if you’re too lazy to track down the whole thing and read it, I would suggest you at least read this summary:

I don’t want anyone to think my ideal location is being surrounded by indentured servants and imprisoned airmen, it’s the lush descriptions of the valley home and all its opulence that really captured my imagination.

The other stuff just creeped me out.

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