Brilliant Disguise

When someone asks me, as a heralded student of music, what my favorite Bruce Springsteen song is, I always answer the same thing: “Atlantic City.”

I had an idea for a music video for it where the Best Buy Idea Box has been fired from his job and he’s walking home through the gritty streets of Burbank, knowing he has to tell his expectant wife that her husband no longer has a paycheck to bring home.

The 2nd video in the trilogy would be for “Brilliant Disguise.” Idea Box now has a 4 year old son and he’s moved on in the corporate world, but his marriage has never quite recovered. On the surface, it seems like the picture-perfect Sunday afternoon outing in the park, but below the sheen of normalcy, Idea Box and his wife are slowly dying inside.

The 3rd… well, I’m not sure I’m ready to share that one, yet.


  1. So then…Is his wife an idea box of some kind too? Is his son a tiny idea box? I want to see this music video just so that I can understand how this marriage works.

  2. Another example would be those dwarfs on “Little People, Big World.” They are both dwarfs, and they have four kids, three of which are of normal height, and the other is a dwarf. Let’s hope those little dwarves keep fucking. They are only two more dwarfs away from a family production of “Snow White.” The normal height daughter can play Snow White.

    The two normal height sons can be stagehands.

  3. My math is really bad. They are only four more dwarfs short (pun intended) of seven. That’s what I get for trying to do really hard math at 6:40 am.

    Look, the whole fucking point is that Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel are totally laughing at you from Hell right now, ali.

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