I’m Vlogging!

So I made this earlier this afternoon and for some reason, YouTube took forever to process it. So I deleted that one and started over. It was quite a lot of work, all so I could avoid some work.

There’s a lesson there, somewhere.

“Never try.”



  1. Well you must be tired, because you’re wearing the same shirt that you wore yesterday. Except yesterday the shirt was backwards.
    …In all fairness, I must admit that I think we keep similar hours these days.

  2. If you ever Vlog without your cookie monster suit on again I am boycotting this site and making digg my homepage.

  3. I turned the color off and played some “Tangerine Dream” in the background, and this thing looked just like a Bergman film. Next I’m going to try it with “Dark Side of the Moon”.

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