Cookie Monster Vlog #4 – viewer mail

Well, I did it! I bet you thought I wasn’t going to post a blog today, but I did.

That’s two days straight! That must be some kind of record.

Here’s a new video I shot. I’m not allowed to embed it here, so you have to click this link below.

It’s a new video starring everybody’s favorite vlogger.

From here on, I’m gonna start filling those bottles with water, cuz I’m seriously drunk right now.

Click here to watch my video on Funny or Die.



  1. the reason i asked if you had diabetes is because of your untiring diet of sugary cookies! scoff at me now and think of me later when you can’t see shit out of your googly monster eyes and your blue legs are blue amputated stumps, you dick!

    great vlog, btw! lol!

  2. Sorry, CM. I asked my mom if she would let me take a picture of her taking a dump, but she got really mad at me for asking her to do such a gross thing. She was really adamant about it (not to be confused with Adam Ant, that super gay singer from the 80’s), so it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. All I could convince her to do was let me take a picture of her while I took a dump on her. Is that okay? Again, sorry to compromise the integrity of your request. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but at least it’s something. There were no chocolate chips in this particular piece of excrement, but there may have been a peanut or two.

    Also, I noticed in your video that the mountains on the label of the delicious Coors Light bottle that you were drinking from did not appear to be blue, indicating that the beer had not yet reached the proper level of coldness to be consumed at optimal temperature. So my question is this: does that make me gay?

  3. Good eye, but yes.

    When I was a kid, the older boys in the neighborhood told me to go up to my mom and call her a bitch and then when she slapped me, I was supposed to laugh.

    Also, I apparently walked around saying “fuskin naskaholies” when I was really little.

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