The Love Guru Countdown!!!

Just 23 days to go!!! I seriously can’t wait!!!

I think I’d probably put myself into a 3 week coma if not for the fact that Zohan comes out on June 6!!!

What a great summer for movies and a truly amazing time to be alive!!!

One comment

  1. How dare you forget to mention Kung Fu Panda, you communist! I hear the Panda is voiced by that guy who played Augie in Airborne.

    I kind of think I’m ruined on movies forever though, since no movie ever released will match the brilliance of Juno. I love how she, like, totally talks the way I do, homeskillet. She really knows how to kick it old school. Honest to blog! Okay, later! I gotta go chug some Sunny D in a vainglorious attempt to drown and wash out the massive food baby that’s currently, like, growing all Alien-style in my belly courtesy of the unwanted advances of several delicious Taco Bell Chilitos. This one doody that can’t be un-did!

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