Drunk History Vol. 2: The Reaction 1

Here is my 2 Girls 1 Cup-style reaction video to Derek Waters’ hilarious Drunk History video, starring Jack Black and Clark Duke.

If you haven’t seen Drunk History, get with it. Stop being a stupid jerk.

Seriously, you’re going to let life pass you by like this?

Here’s the original Drunk History and my original reaction to it.

Don’t be fooled by the counterfeit ones, though. They’re awful.


  1. See my review of that 1993 classic Airborne here:


    Or you could do something meaningful with your life. Whichever you want. I’m ambivalent.

    I like the The Last Of The Mohicans soundtrack that Derek ripped off in the background of his video. Daniela Day Lewis was so great in that movie. I jerked off to her perfromance several times. She had really hot hair, and I liked how it showed that butch women could succeed as heroes in the colonial era just as well as men. And those lesbian scenes she had with Madeleine Stowe? Hot!

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