What the hell is the point of Facebook?

Can someone tell me? Seriously? This isn’t a bit.

I’m on it. I’ve found some friends from high school and college. I play Scrabble (excuse me, “Scrabulous”), but when I read an article where they talk about it being worth billions of dollars, I have to ask myself this question:


For what? A place to put up a few pictures and send your friends a message once in a while?

Maybe I’m just old, but I really don’t get it.

It’s basically the same thing as Myspace. Which is basically the same thing as Friendster. Do we really need all of these?

If you’re like me, you do what you’re told, subject your own will and migrate with the herd.

First, there was Friendster, then for some reason, the collective decided it was no longer cool and then it went to Myspace, which was equally stupid and annoying, but had more people on it. Then the same thing happened again with Facebook.


I don’t have anything better to do with my time?

Well, no, actually I don’t. But you should. You’ve got a job, or a family, or both. You have things to do, places to see, people to drink coffee with.

Why is this thing worth so much goddam money?

You hear alot about “the apps”. Maybe it’s the apps?

“Oh, it’s the apps!” they’ll say!

What the fuck is an “app”!?!

Does that mean “application”? I think it does, but to be honest, I’m nowhere near 100% sure of that.

I actually went and looked it up on wikipedia, which had this to say about it:

Features of the website include … pokes for sending virtual “pokes”.

That’s a feature?? That’s fucking annoying, that’s what it is! Do you like when people poke you in real life? No, of course not. In some cultures, that’s grounds for murder. But it’s supposed to be fun when you’re online? Fuck you, Facebook!

I go online to avoid physical contact with people. So what does this 4 billion dollar ass bucket do? It takes that away from me. Now any douchebag on my friend list can poke me anytime they want. They can even do much, much worse than that, it seems.

Which leads me to the real reason I hate this goddam piece of shit: Vampires.

Vampires, Werewolves, “Which Star Trek Character Are You?” quizzes. All that shit. I guess these are what they mean by “apps” and “pokes”. But again, not totally sure.

If you have ever sent me any of these things, I hate you. If you have spent $1 of real money to send me a virtual gift, you should hate yourself.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re unaware, on Facebook, you can buy your friend a latte! Only it’s not a real latte! It’s a picture of one! But it costs real money!

So when you look at it like that, you can see what the genius of this thing really is. It’s a giant contraption that does nothing but trick people into thinking their money is worthless, then make you feel like it’s doing you a favor by taking your worthless money off your hands for you, so that you are free to go back to drinking paint or whatever you did to damage your brain to the point that you think any of this is a good idea, let alone, fun.

I’m not done yet.

It occurs to me, as I’m writing this, that it’s all a little bit high school-cliquish. And by ‘a little bit’ I mean ‘exactly alike in every single way.’

Think about it: When did you leave Friendster? When everybody was on it and it wasn’t cool and all the cool people went to Myspace. Then that happened again.

I remember thinking the best part about Facebook is that it wasn’t all profiles for somebody’s cat or their pet rock. There weren’t random stalkers pretending to be Bill Murray. It was all real people that I knew in real life, to some capacity.

But now that’s gone too. The same people I don’t know in real life on Myspace have followed me over to Facebook. So has their page for their shitty band I’m never going to go see or listen to or even swerve to avoid with my car if I see them crossing the street with their music gear.

By my calculations, I guess it’s time for the new Facebook. But when you find it, don’t go and tell everyone else about it, just me, because I’m not sure how much longer I can do this.



  1. I’m creating a new social networking site called “MyFacester.” It’s just a picture of my face, and you can give me a dollar to be able to send me a virtual punch to the face. Then I’ll probably do some “programming” (or whatever it is those web dorks do to make things do stuff) to where bruises will appear on my face, maybe some teeth will come out for $5, and perhaps you can make some blood come out of my ear for $10. This will be just like high school for me, but I’ll be making money from getting punched in the face instead of having it taken from my pockets while I’m unconscious.

    I have a similar idea for a site called MyFister, but it’s still in development. That one’s also based on my high school experiences in the locker room after gym class. I spent a lot of time in high school crying and bleeding.

  2. Whatever, Jason–if that is even your real name. I already invented the site. The only difference between “high school you” and this guy is that’s he’s less of a schmuck and twice as cute. If I were you, I wouldn’t try this “idea” of “yours”. I’m pretty sure you’ll see your own ass hauled into court by myself and that guy who created the “Kill Bin Laden” video game.

    Eric, maybe you should look inside yourself first, in order to discover the problem with the website. Take the quiz.

  3. thats not even the worst thing. they take your personal information and share it with a bunch of sleazy companies. you know all those pictures you put on facebook of your family trips the beach and the time you went camping with your best friend? right now some guy in a suit is rubbing those pictures on his balls. i know, it’s really fucked up. I couldnt take the thought of it and deleted my profile a couple weeks ago.

  4. Wow, this place is deader than my drunk dick. Speaking of drunk dick and trips to the beach, I have a pretty cool video of my last trip to California. In it I stick my dick in a crab cave hole on some beach, and humped the heck out of it about 20 times. Thanks T.G.I.Fridays for not counting my beers! I won 29 dollars on that bet, BTW. I passed out and shit myself about 2 hours later. Fuck you T.G.I.Fridays for not counting my beers! I really liked those pants, and much like my dreams and hopes for the future, they are in some unknown trash heap.

  5. I still like you Eric! Not as much as I like my new girlfriend throwin’ on a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels and stepping on my sack though. But nothings as great as that shit (maybe poo parties), so don’t feel bad! You’re alright!

  6. W’sup foos!?

    Well Eric I think you’ve about covered the whole Facebook debacle. Good to see I’m not the only one going silently mad online, LOL! *plucks out an eyelash and stares at it dully*

  7. I just haven’t been around because I’ve been working on my MySpace page. I have a great new friend mamed Tom. Right now, he is chipper, and is watching Raging Bull.

    Speaking of raging, thanx for the pix, bandini.

  8. Jesus f’n Christ. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m suddenly being scoffed at when I mention My Space like the ugly girl with a period stain in Jr. High. “you should really get on FaceBook, it’s so much less childish” WHAT?! I’ve been givin plants as pets and I think someone sold me on the black internet market this morning to a vampire chat room/ Matt Groenig fan site. I hate this fucking place. It’s not as user friendly as my space and where’s my damn song choice? How the hell can I let you know who I am with out a song to express my coolness?! STOP POKING ME!! I hate you all. Sophisticated my ass. Just because everyyone can see you have “friends” in other countries does not make this any different than My space, you fucking elitest losers. anyway….I’m sure I have more pics to upload that no one cares about…check it.

  9. I used Facebook during my freshman year of college to get laid. Girls in your dorm or on your floor would friend you, based on probably no merit at all, and then when you saw them in the elevator, or in line in the cafeteria, or in the hallway, you would have a pretense for introducing yourself. I’d say it contributed at least 30-40% of the sex I had that year.

    Now that I’m a senior its only use is for event invitations, for which it is pretty useful. Other than those two purposes, I agree wholeheartedly with the article.

  10. look at the bigger picture…… not just your shitty photos or your stupid friends….

    Facebook is worth so much money because of its pay per click advertising capabilities. A company looking to sell you shit on the internet can target specific demographics, like lets say females 20 -25 in the dallas area that are single. I type that demographic in, create an ad, and they click on it can come to my sight and buy a ton of my products. You can’t target people like that on tv, the tv does not know who is watching it, and advertisers pay a shitload for ad spots on tv.

    finding your target market for a product is worth big dollars. that is why google is worth a shitload. But facebook has taken it further and can nail you for any ad campaign.

    Without pay per click advertising and its huge user base, facebook is worth a pile of snot. It truly is a pile of crap and every one of us is kicking ourselves in the ass for not thinking of it first.

    start thinking past yourselves…. you are not that important alone, but in huge groups you are worth a fortune.

  11. I was starting to worry for a while that maybe I was out of touch as I have the same issues with Facebook.

    It’s funny that all the people who are my friends on Facebook and are constantly poking me or whatever, are the same people who used to send those annoying quiz emails with such fansinating questions like “like time you cried”

    We’re becoming a society of people who talk and act as if we have a life, but we’re too busy doing all that to actually have one. “O look at the photos I took from that dull night out we had because we are all too busy taking photo’s to have a good time”

  12. Do you know why facebook is valued at such a high $$?
    Because you joined. And with you, I mean some xxx million people.
    Because you gave them personal details about your life and (almost) everything else.

    This it what makes facebook a paradise for data mining, personal ad targeting and profiling.

  13. > I don’t have anything better to do with my time? Well, no, actually I don’t.

    I think you answered your own question.

  14. I don’t appreciate your comment, speakum. I come from a long line of data miners, like my father and his father before him. It’s a thankless and exhausting existence, and some of my first memories are watching my father emerge from his subterranean mine shaft after a long day of attacking a rich data depositembedded deep beneath the earth’s surface. I remember the defeated and indescribably weary look in his eyes as he would emerge form the hole, his face stained black with data. It’s a hard life, and sometimes it can turn tragic.

    In 1987, my father was working at this country’s largest data mine in Hootertown, West Virginia. On February 2nd, as they were digging in an older section of the mine for a large vein of valuable email data, the ceiling collapsed around them. My father and twelve other data miners were trapped underneath tons of earth, DOBs, ZIP codes, and email addys. Workers on the surface tried for over two weeks to reach the trapped miners, all the while knowing that the chance of survival for 13 men trapped in a tight space for two weeks was very limited. After 14 days of excruciating suspense, the families received word from the rescuers: the lifeless bodies of 13 miners had been found.

    It was a devastating day for my family and the families of so many others in the Hootertown community. As details emerged from the dark depths of the data mine, we were informed that the men had actually survived for several days. It was with deep sorrow that my mother received a note that had been found in my father’s pocket protector, scrawled in his hand with what appeared to be a fragment of a Social Security number. The note read, “It’s not painful. Like going to sleep. I’ll be with God now. Love you all. Would you like to subscribe to this note? Please enter your Name, DOB, email address, and zip code.”

    So yes, speakum, to answer your question, Facebook is a murderer. Data mining kills.

  15. While I share many of your irritations and frustrations, Facebook does have merit for many of us, especially the ‘international’ crowd. In a way, the argument against facebook can be levelled at ANY kind of communication medium. I remember the days when people didn’t see what this ‘chat thing’ was all about (hell, people still think so, and I agree in part). There probably was a time where people didn’t see the use of email or even phones.

    In a way, facebook is just email, photo sharing, blogging, social networking, and now even chat, combined. That includes all the shit of these things, but the advantages as well.

    To give you an example. I went on a study trip a few weeks ago. We exchanged facebook accounts, then afterwards ‘friended’ each other. Within a few days all the photos made were put up, aggregated, and tagged. We discussed some of the events through chat, message boards and wall posts. We used personal messages for, well, the more personal stuff between people who became friends during the trip.

    Another example. While they’re not too much into facebook in this country, some of my local friends put up their events on facebook. It’s a great way to be notified when and where they’ll give a concert, or when they’re throwing a party. And it’s better than mail, because of some added features. Friends share interesting articles or videos, and their blog posts.

    And sure, it shouldn’t be a replacement for ‘normal’ friendships. But it can augment it, in the same way mail and chat can sometimes be a much better medium than the phone, sms or face-to-face contact. face to face contact isn’t always possible, or even desirable, and email, while adequate in most cases, is very primitive.

    So, in my opinion facebook has it’s place. Just like chat and other ‘tools’, it is misused, especially now that it’s still a new thing. But it has its purpose for many people. If you hate chat, email, photo sharing, and the like, facebook is probably not your thing. But for a large group of people it’s a wonderful tool; a great central communication hub for different purposes.

    (that said, much can be criticised, particularly on the application and privacy front. I’m just trying to show that there IS a point to facebook for many.)

  16. Of course, before Friendster there was Make Out Club, and before Make Out Club there was tribes.net, and before that, well you get the point.

  17. the point of facebook is to make money for facebook, it really is that simple. Just because some people use it and find it somewhat useful, is just what help spread around the mystique of facebook and provides free advertising.

  18. It’s worth 4 billion dollars because like Myspace or Friendster or any other similar site it is an ad delivery system. The more people sign up, the more pages are created. The more pages that are created, the more ads they can put up. They don’t give a lick about you connecting with friends, they just want the eyeball views. That’s of course not dissimilar from television. They don’t care about the show, they care about selling soap, That’s the reason Facebook is worth so much.

    Of course, the bubble will eventually burst and a lot of people will end up unemployed, but the big guys will make off like robber barons. The web 2.0 burst is coming. Zuckerberg, Rose, et. al.

  19. No one has quite touched on what makes facebook successful, and where it’s origins are. It’s really quite simple.

    What makes facebook powerful are, simply, groups. Originally marketed towards the college crowd, this web application allowed people to specifically join groups, largely and originally designed around which school and year you graduated in. This allowed old friends to reconnect. If you are familiar with AIM, MSN or any other typical IM tool, you’ll note there is absolutely no way to find old friends from school you’ve lost touch with.

    Of course from there things exploded. It turns out listing the number of “friends” you have listed is quite addicting to many. This leads to those whom want to see their friends number increase to tell other “non-facebook” using friends to use it and that they “should add me when you get on”. The social networking component was largely derived from essentially the shallow.

    Anyhow, the quickly summarize, the original concept for facebook was to essentially provide a – wait for it – “yearbook” of sorts which allowed you to reconnect, but of course by providing modern pictures of your once classmates to verify who they are. From there various features are naturally added, and you have the beast of a website with little direction or point that we have to day which you have identified.

  20. I used to be crazy about Facebook…I love to see the popular girls from highschool all fat and unpopular…and it’s cheaper than paying for a subscription to Classmates.com.

  21. Thanks for the article, it was interesting. I’ll return to your blog. It provides me with an interesting perspective on things. Also, in preface, readers, I have not looked at a single comment to this post. So, forgive me if this has been said…

    Facebook is worth billions of dollars because people like yourself, who haven’t the shortest clue about why they are there, show up. This is the nature of nature. Capture at the water hole, if you will. And, because whether or not you’re committed to capitalism and commerce, the 1,000s of ads they splash in front of you lead to ad revenue.

    By the way, Yes, “app” is application and you’re old.


  22. “By my calculations, I guess it’s time for the new Facebook. But when you find it, don’t go and tell everyone else about it, just me, because I’m not sure how much longer I can do this”

    It is linkedin.com

    Just wait until you graduate college, get a job, and then all the dummies from your new company will be “linking” you every day. Sheesh.

  23. We assume: Facebook = $$$$ = $^4 (Money * Money * Money * Money = Lots of Money)

    Basic Facts:
    1: Advertising Ability = $
    2: Usage Statistics = $
    3: Demographic Targeting = $
    4: People seeing adds via a “trustworthy” site offer name recognition = $

    Facebook can advertise things
    Facebook can gather usage statistics
    Facebook can offer demographic targeting
    Facebook helps products associate Facebook with other product names for recognition


    Facebook = Basic Facts 1, 2, 3, 4 all at once = $$$$ = $^4

    Facebook = Lots of money

  24. >>
    It’s basically the same thing as Myspace.
    Maybe I’m just old, but I really don’t get it.
    What the fuck is an “app”!?!

    Does that mean “application”? I think it does, but to be honest, I’m
    nowhere near 100% sure of that.
    I don’t have anything better to do with my time?
    If you’re like me, you do what you’re told.

    You said it, not me.

  25. “It’s basically the same thing as Myspace.”

    Uh, no, you stupid fuck. It’s actually not.

    “Maybe I’m just old, but I really don’t get it.”

    Inability to grasp concepts has nothing to do with age.

    “What the fuck is an “app”!?!

    Does that mean “application”? I think it does, but to be honest, I’m
    nowhere near 100% sure of that.”

    If you don’t know, I ain’t gonna tell you. Contact your AOL administrator.

    “I don’t have anything better to do with my time?”

    No, you needed to use that valuable hour and a half to blow this rant
    outta your ass.

    “If you’re like me, you do what you’re told.”

    You said it, not me.

  26. “If you don’t know, I ain’t gonna tell you.” – Jace

    Ooooooo! Burn! That was the sweetest put down this side of the second grade! You just got busted and disgusted, Eric!

    Weren’t you going to give up on Digg because of morons like this? How’s that going for you?

  27. I joined Facebook a couple of months ago and for once I was glad to be in my 40’s. There aren’t many people who graduated in the 80’s on Facebook, so it’s much easier to manage a so called “profile.” There is no way I can keep up with all the virtual giving, receiving, poking, sending virtual bumper stickers etc. I don’t have (or want to have) enough people who are used to communicating this way. Also, I tutor college students and I can’t believe how uninhibited they are with sharing personal information. They tell me there is no privacy anymore. I sort of feel like a senior citizen using a cell phone, but I don’t mind. I’ve been asked to be a vampire and to serve a squire, but the craziest thing I’ve done to date is throw a sheep at someone.



  28. Scott,

    I hear you both loudly and clearly. My father worked day and night in the data mills processing all the information mined by your brave father and grandfather. He worked and sweat long hard hours in order to provide me with the opportunity to go to a good school, and to eventualy become a civil litigation attorney, which in turn provided me with the opportunity to sue those mine owners on behalf of your family. Now I have a nice house, and the evil mine has been shut down, and the mill converted into a Cracker Barrel(tm), where citizens of both Americas may find adequate sustenance and subpar gift items.

    That is why today I am announcing my support for the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

  29. I am also not a huge fan of facebook and I have myspace too… I just like myspace better for keeping up with my friends updates and blogs- without having to call or actually talk to them..

    I only use facebook for the puzzlebee app, that one is fun for putting photo puzzles on your blog!

  30. I tried having sex with a social networking site one time. My dick kept getting caught in the floppy drive. Now all I have is a floppy dick.

    Thanks, mylinkedinspacebook!

  31. I agree with you man.
    Big corporations try to cash in on the latest Web trend, but nothing lasts forever. Nobody clicks on facebook ads and i have no idea how they’re worth so much or why anybody wants to buy it.
    The same can be said for Google’s stupid purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion.

  32. I like the photo tagging feature though….. it’s a nice thing for such social networking sites…. social networking sties are also good for people like me when my friends move around the world a lot…. it’s good to keep in touch with them other than just by emails (it’s more personal with pictures and fun gifts), also, when I’m talking to one of my friends via walls and stuff, other friends who saw our conversations can join in (which encourages friends to keep in touch)

    Not to mention it keeps people from certain groups/businesses/communities together. There are a lot of people who hate it, but it has its undeniable perks and that’s why it’s worth that much money

  33. good on you… very funny! I have heard the same said about blogging. Why the hell blog who cares. You don’t have to follow the herd just deactivate your profile. Be strong… do it!

  34. Great blog and great post!

    I gave in to Facebook. My Space is a complete mess, and pretty much has zero value as a social networking tool: it’s a jumble of loosely connected and randomly designed home pages, every other one of which seems like the front for a faceless child predator.

    Facebook members use their full names. The nature of Facebook makes it pretty tough to have a faked profile (if you don’t start your network with people you know RL, you’ll never get anywhere, and nobody will interact with you). The pages follow a uniform template that provides boundaries. It has a sense of sincerity and accountability for how you conduct yourself within the system; it’s cleanly constructed and designed with uniformity of style. It’s actually a fully functional and streamlined social network.

    The goofy “apps” are more often than not, dumb. But you don’t need to take part. My page is completely free of that junk. But you know, it’s OK to enjoy silly things sometimes. Aggravating about it is as much wasted brain power as enjoying it.

    And yeah, I totally agree: if you spend a penny doing anything on Facebook, you’re a nut.

  35. Arthur and Amy, I don’t like the idea of having to use a full name on social networking sites because of targeted advertisement and data mining. People used to be paid for demographics information and opinions on products, now we just give it away for free. And what do we get in return? Facebook.

  36. Alex, that’s a good point I hadn’t considered. I guess that is kind of unavoidable if you want to take part in any kind of online social network. They can mine me for demographics, really. That is kind of defeatist, I know; but the cost/benefit doesn’t seem so severe. The drawback is being a cog in an exploitative machine, sigh. Very true.

    I hardly even use it. Although today someone made me a member of their virtual pirate ship. I declined: I prefer ninjas.

  37. like you said, it’s a mega-advert for …well, nothing. Not yet, anyway. Microsoft is currently trying to buy Facebook, though. And, when they do… it will be equally as stupid and controlling.

    At least on myspace, you can f*** around with your friends’ page by posting photos etc. Facebook doesn’t allow that monkeybidness. Facebook is the Bob Jones of ‘social-networks’.

  38. Loved your entry. I’ve been feeling this way since it came out. You’ve said what I’ve been thinking about it for a LONG time.

  39. well..I’m latin and believe or not Facebook is very popular even here in Bolivia, not only facebook, but hi5, metroflog, sonico, and all that kind of sh$t…I receive daily invitation for joining them and it’s just stupid…may be interesting at certain time, when u don’t have anything to do, not even listening to music, but there are ppl who become crazy about it, they collect all the “apps” and the one who invited the higher number of unknown ppl is supposed to be relly “friendly” and “cool”..please!!!
    After all it is just another way companies found to take money away from us (by both: keeping you visiting the web daily or making u send a 3$ gift to someone)
    All these my friends proves that technology development must imply social development…another way it becomes a complete mess….cya!!!! xD

  40. Marcelo,
    Someone tried to get me to join hi5 and I figured it was just a scam. It must be more popular overseas. I think that people are just jerks and the more hate you let into your heart, the better off we’ll all be.

  41. Gosh, I just noticed there are a lot of comments posted here. This thing must have been somehow linked to some site where faggots hang out.

    Anyjizz, I just wanted to insert an actual quote here. I don’t know it’s Germaine, or even Tito, but I will post it anyway, because I am drunk.

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    OK, here’s the quote:

    “If I could do that, why would I need this cheese grater, Einstein?”

    Do you guys think that makes me sound insane? I think it does. If not, please tell me how I can do better.

    Thanks, and please send money,

  42. Hey Eric, just saw your post on my old WWWAC archived messages and came here. Funny post. If nothing else, I hope releasing that anger was therapeutic. I see your points too. I just honestly enjoy Facebook and it saved me the time and trouble of my high school class reunion and the ripoff artists at classmates.com. -Jeremy

  43. Just to have contact with your friends, this is an easy way to see what your friends are up to, your old high school buddies or your friends from another counties, the ones you maybe can’t call…

  44. Its like dot.com all over again. Worthless technology hype, no value is being added (only pre existing values is being destroyed in form of distractions).

  45. Hey, i dont get it. Wut do u do on facebook?? Just talk to people and stay in touch with them and thats it. I dont have it yet but thats cause i dont understand.

  46. OH MY GOD!
    Brilliant is all I have to say. I’m a marketing and advertising student at a University in Canada.
    And I’ve been asking my self that question for years! And all my professors make their students analyze facebook and twitter just to get into social media…But as you said…everything was once a big hit and eventually will one day will be something different. People make all this money off of stupid shit, and their are those gurus who do books on why social media is huge. Which in my opinion is a waste. Lets get real. If you want to stay in touch with someone CALL. And If they weren’t really your friends in the first place why add them to facebook. Its a waste of space in the internet world.
    p.s I have facebook but after reading this, I’m going to get rid of it.

  47. this blog does have a point
    who uses facebook
    where you cant add like 5 k friends right away and facebook bans you account.
    facebook is a waste of time sending gifts and lolli pops what am i going to do with that
    plus why facebook when you can email people

  48. Right… firstly, thank you for creating this article. You took the words straight out my mouth.

    Secondly, I also feel that facebook is pointless. My cousin comes to my house saying “Have you got facebook? You’ve gotta get it. It’s awesome”. I hadn’t seen it before then, and i was open to the idea. But he chose a bad example to show me this ‘awesomeness’ by buying someone as a pet.

    I’m sorry, but i’d rather go and buy a goldfish.

    Thirdly, why go to the trouble of signing up, being ‘poked’, creating a profile and waiting for your internet to catch up as you send a message and wait for a reply? Ever heard of MSN? It’s all your e-mails, messages, games, photos, and friends in one, except that you don’t have to feign interest when someone sets their status as something as stupid as ‘OMG just bought a turnip shaped like a thingy LMAO!’ Get a life.

  49. I used facebook to contact the talent I wanted for my movie. I guess I could have gone to all your individual websites to gather your contact info. Facebook just made it easier.

    Aside from that, yeah, it’s pretty lame.

  50. I cannot thank you enough for writing this, because I too think Facebook is a retared waste of time. My friends will always come up to me and say, “Oh dude you gotta get a Facebook page!” I say why they say, “Oh well its got so many games on it.” Right well in addition to playing world of warcraft (yes I play wow, but I don’t obsess over it, its a good game) I think up of five good gaming sites right off the top of my head. “Well you can use it to keep all of your friends contact information,and keep in touch with them.” Hmmmm, oh ya know whats weird? My phone can do the SAME THING! “Well you can meet new friends online.” Yeah because I want to “meet” people who may or may not be who they say are and call them my “friend” but never actually meet them face to face. So based on all the information my friends have given me i can conclude that facebook is USELESS!
    p.s, I 14 years old just to let ya know (whether you believe me or not)

  51. 2 and a half years later and this article is just as relevant as it was when it was written.
    The Apps may have become more complex but they are still pointless. Games are a case of buying credits to decorate your farm. Seriously???? We’ve had Yahoo games for over 10 years and Facebook’s so called games still lag behind.
    Oh and now you can ‘Like’ stuff, now that is amazing!
    I’m just waiting for the next big thing to come along for everyone to move to so people can remember how lame Facebook was.
    Sadly, it doesn’t look like anything is coming on to sweep everyone away any time soon.

  52. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one. But I think I might one of the youngest people who doesn’t get Facebook and therefore doesn’t want one. Yeah, it is a good way to communicate with people, but that is the point of phones, sidekicks, IM, and email. I think I can live without another one of these things… Even being a teenager who wants everything.

  53. I am a teen and I can see no point to this f–cking waste of time called social networking. I believe just to be someway to distract the entire poplous from all the problems in the world and a lousy distraction at that. Then again I’m not your usal teen, I can’t stand rap, pop, or RB. I prefer listening to ACDC, Iron Maiden, The Who etc. I don’t have a cell phone or therefore text. I am one of the more informed teens worried about the future. I don’t spend time at teen partys which go like this: You drink second rate liquor, listen to bad modern music, hide in the bushes when the cops show up, do some things you regret near some stupid bond fire, all this go on at the house that has the parents away for the weekend. Then you go home late a night, puke your guts out, wakeup at 2:00 in the afternoon the nextday and have a massive hangover. What is the f–king of all this? Just to look cool and modern? Makes me weep for my generation.

      1. There needs to be a rant on texting too. Has anyone been in the situation were they go out with friends, and rather than giving you the attention they are looking at their phones all night texting? If they wanted to go out with the person they keep texting, then go out with them. The only saving grace is that we get funny videos like the woman who tried to text and walk at the same time and fell into a fountain at a mall… or the countless people who walk in front of buses while texting.

        Facebook is essentially a popularity badge. People can show off that they have hundreds of friends that they never speak to, and what is with the constant status updates? “just watching two and half men” oh great I’m so interested in your daily life that i want to know about your every move and every interest.

  54. I inevtably joined facebook to stay in contact with a freind recently, and I can say I hate it. It just another way for me to be reminded I am as popular as an STD, and that everyone else has a better life then me, Ughh! I am defintely not going to ask for a cellphone because it would serve me no pupose. As I said I’m a teen and can see no point to all this social networking and texting bull s—!

  55. As Chuck said texting is an issue, I see people on their phones checking facebook and texting in class, this is real problem for my generation. Makes a person wonder about America future with youth like this.

    1. replay myself, fecebook ¿maybe have to be some one whith facismo or maybe fecbook what its signifiquate? you realy know becuase i dont!

  56. This was the best thing I’ve read all day. I actually got told that I was a sad human being for my lack of facebook or myspace. And what I said is no you are the sad one for helping with the onslaught of mankind due to the facebook craze. Honestly we’re all about to become zombies…and wtf happened to land lines?…

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  59. i agree with you on all accounts but you missed a few like fucking facebook drains the life out of people and not to mention it is nothing but a blog site at that! FACEBOOK is nothing SPECIAl it is a GOD DAME BLOG SITE YOU RETARDED MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yea you right I hate wen my girl post pic of herself alone and I don’t even get the pic first fb dose hated

  60. Wow I thought I hated face book alone hated so much I stoped using this piece of shit of a web page don’t no y ppl would friend ppl the will never really talk to then share your first sign of trouble wtf!!!!! Can’t stand it wanna keep in contact with take my number wanna know how I’ve been call bitch if you ain’t on my contact on my cell then f. U lol. Take all ya ppl that don’t like this as well

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  62. I don’t get the point either. You just go online, talk to friends, get trolls and cyber bullies saying something racist or mean to celebs, do some questionnaires.. make a profile and some guy you don’t know tries to friend you, normal day on Facebook! Anyone ELSE agree?

  63. Hello, I’ve always wondered what is the point of facebook. I don’t understand why some people post status, especially the ones on my page. Like “I just dropped my phone in the toilet” or “I’m so sick with the flu and I can’t stop throwing up in the toilet” then someone will comment “oh no I’m so sorry for you” then the poster will comment “I feel so horrible, I can’t stop throwing up, I’m hugging the toilet.” Seriously?! What the hell? If I was sick vomiting I wouldn’t be on my phone telling everyone that they are throwing up and then give updates that they are still throwing up. I don’t understand why people post the things they do?! But to answer your question about what the point of facebook is, I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook is all for money, facebook is also for people who have the personality of always wanting attention. I’m not one of those people so that could be why I hate Facebook. It’s also good for some people to keep in touch with people they want to follow and then they can post updates about their life, instead of calling each individual friend and telling them the same life update. But that’s what’s bad with facebook, we are all becoming antisocial because of it.

  64. 100% I absolutely love you call it assbook, I absolutely despise how it pushed down my throat that because I not on it I can’t live (literally), its despicable how terrorists always make use of it-! Siss, shut assbook down just for exposure terrorists and bad people get off it, I will vote yes to shut Facebook down in a heartbeat-! ! Shut it down as a way to life

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