My father, Jocko Filipkowski

Wait, I thought I said his name was Dick?? Am I just a liar? Yes. What?

Anyway, this is a sketch from a show I did with my old sketch group, The Animals From the Future.

We are famous enough to get a mention on Wikipedia, but not our own separate entry.

That’s me and SNL’s Bill Hader, playing a father-son sketch team, trying to work out some kinks in our relationship. It also stars the other members of the group, Mel Cowan and Matt Offerman and a bunch of our friends who didn’t mind playing blood-covered children.

It may be hard to see because it’s a camcorder shooting a movie screen for most of it, but I think you get the picture.

It’s kinda weird to watch a video like this, to be honest. It was made a few months before I had massive heart surgery and it captures a moment in time when I was pretty much on top of the world. Plus, I’m a really bad actor, which was semi-intentional, but the reasons for it don’t really come across in the video, I am seeing now. So I just look kinda dumb…

Anyway, enjoy this little slice of my past. And Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!



  1. Wow, the special effects were amazing! How did they stuff you into that movie screen? And the CGI where they made you look like you had Marfan’s syndrome was seamless and top notch! I wish I had your budget.

    Oh, and by the way, mom filipkowski, I think Eric was talking to me. Sorry for the confusion.

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