Video Contest!!!

In case you’ve been living under a rock (not a rock n’ roll rock, btw!), there is a video by one of my favorite bands ever that is simply amazing.

After I was done watching it (for the 4millionth time LOL!) on YouTube, I noticed in the related videos that people have been making their own versions and putting them up.

I thought it would be radical if we did that here.

You all have a week to turn in your best homage to what I consider the greatest music video of all time.

Check out the one above, go on YouTube and look at what other people have done. Maybe it’s just you lip syncing in front of the camera. Perhaps you’re feeling ambitious and recruit the little league team you coach to help you you. I don’t know.

But get out there and start rockin’!

I’m gonna make my own, but obviously it won’t be part of the contest. That wouldn’t be fair.

I’ll post the best entries on my Video Contest Round-Up blog next week and everyone can vote for their favorite.

Just upload your video to YouTube and send the url to my account,

Good luck, I know you guys are all really creative and will come up with some great ideas, I can’t wait to see them!



  1. Do I have to have famous people in my video? The only famous people I know are you, Pit-Pat and Scott Baio. Hi, Scott. I guess I could get locals to impersonate each of you, as long as it’s allowed.

  2. I guess now would be a good time to point out that I’m not actually creative or talented. I do sing a little but only Dead Kennedys. I do some yodeling and eefing but no one wants to hear that, not even me.

  3. What’s eefing? And is it recordable? I think that would rawk–“Co-starring Jan Brady! Listen to her eef and yodel!”. Yeah, I think I can win this thing.

  4. Eefin’s the shit. My mildly severely retarded cousin Annie used to do it all the time. It might have just been asthma, though.

  5. you shouldn’t mess with the classics. when a work of creative genius such as this is given onto the world, it should be left alone on its pedestal to be admired for a thousand years.

  6. Yeah, eefing is this like almost beatboxing thing, sort of like hiccupping with your throat on purpose!? Yeah, it’s fun. I’ve never actually done it though, ha ha! Just heard of it. If I ever do it though, I’ll make sure to record that. For ya. (Ha ha, ya’ll diggas is crazy.)

  7. Eric, can convicted felons enter your video contest as well? It’s not for me, an embarresed poster/friend (who wishes to remain nameless) axed me to ax you.

  8. Oh hell, what did I agree to do? I really can’t keep a secret! It’s eating me up inside! I’m gonna make it though. For once, I will stand my ground, and by my friend dammit!

  9. Come one, come all is my motto Mimi! Felons and non-felons–all are welcome. Anybody can be in this video. Can you eef? ‘Cause I’m still looking for someone to do that in my video and apparently, Jan’s on parole.

    Hey Pitters, can you get your cousin to show up? I have a couple of pretty retarded people to lip sync a few bars, but I think the show-stopper could just be your mildly severly retarded cousin. Is it a higher functioning retard or your common garden-variety?

  10. Like my undergarments, Depends. It is very good at eefing and armpit farting, but it can’t do the coffee grinder for shit.

    And do you mean “pretty retarded” people or “pretty, retarded” people, because I am feeling a tad randy, and retarded people are easy to coax into the sack, especially the pretty ones. Jus ask my new friend, Tad Randy!

  11. No, Ginger, I can’t “eef”, but my retarded girlfriend can! Only I doubt she’s what you’re looking for, because her eefing is uncontrolable. The “eefing” happens the most when she’s excited, like when I get her a new toy or stuffed animal, or when I’m fucking her. It’s actually pretty hot, but not as hot as her dirty talk! My favorite is when she says “UH OH, you made a sticky on my bun-bun!” Oh hot damn!

    She’s also VERY pretty. She became retarded due to a car accident, so she doesn’t have a big forehead or a hump or anything like that.

  12. I think you have crossed the line of good taste, Mimi. Still, I wonder about the hummers (or, more accurately “eefers”).

  13. Hey Pit-Pat, you and me both!

    There’s no way in hell my skin-boat is getting ANYWHERE near that mouth of hers. She seems to like to call my penis a “hoog hot dog”, and I wouldn’t want her to get confused and think it’s lunch time.

  14. Well, well, well, now that mimi bubbles has dragged my name through the so-called mud, it appears I’ve got some explaining to do. Primo, that biyatch was a terrorist. Justifiable homicide, any fool worth his salt can tell you that. Secundo, I didn’t actually murder the biyatch. It was a simple, straightforward case of manslaughter. Big difference. All I did was push her after a little disagreement over who was tougher, Americans or Canadians. She then walked backward all by herself the six steps it took to get to the staircase where she tumbled down to the bottom of her own volition, finally dying of her own free will. Furthermore, anybody familiar with the Ohio Parole Board can tell you that there were never nine minds assembled more brilliant than the ones who have seen fit to parole me back into society. I mean, these people really know what to look for. I’ll live with my parents who will provide room, board and adult supervision. All five of my kidlets are under the watchful eyes of each of their motherkins. It’s that simple. What’s more, it’s looking like I might get my old job back down at the lawn and garden center, supervisor has handwritten a letter to that effect, therefore it’s looking like I just might be a productive, war-financing member of the citizenry someday soon maybe eventually. What more do you need. Love me or leave me. Take me now or lose me forever. I do cook, love long walks on the beach in the sand. Must love cuddling and deep, meaningful stares into each other’s eyes. No retards.

  15. Jan, you are one evil fuck! I can’t believe I taught you how to tongue-kiss! I’m gonna go brush my teeth for an hour, then screw my retarded girlfriend before she watches that Curious George DVD I just stole for her.


    How dare none of you comment or respond to my 2nd to last post! “Hoog hot dog?” C’mon, that shit is priceless. Shame on you for not showing your approval for my comedic genius!

    As Larry The Cable Guy would say, “I don’t care who ya are, that stuff is funny right there”, and, “Where’s my butt plug!?”

    Speaking of Larry, here’s an interesting side-note, his real name is Dan Whitney, and he isn’t from the south nor is he an actual cable guy. What a FUCKING DOUCHE. The only thing that he has done in his life that is remotely southern is when he lost his viginity to his older sister. She has a name.

    And that name is Jan Brady. It was the first, and the most disturbing, of her many heinous offences.

  17. I prefer to think of myself as an evil supervillan! A gory, bloodless violence is mine! Thank you for noticing. Hey my kid brother is Bobby Brady, not Larry the Cable Guy, our family hasn’t claimed Larry in years. See, originally, we had five men living all together. But Larry is actually the son of my dad with Alice, the maid. This wreaked domestic havoc with Mike and Carol, as well as throwing the child count out of balance when we went on the show. With Larry, there would have been too many. My dad put him in a cardboard box and dropped him off out in the desert one day. He was seen all throughout the late 80s/early 90s hitchiking across Ohio. Til finally, he was discovered by Cheech and Chong in a club during a bar scene in one of their unreleased b-movies doing an open mic act at Comedy Night in a roadside tavern in Nevada. Everyone just thinks Bobby is the youngest boy but acftually it was Larry. There are a lot of things no one knows about Larry.

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