The most important picture you will ever see.


It might take a minute to load, but it’s worth it. I am not sure where this is from or who made it, but I like it. It’s simple. Understated. To the point. Shocking, yet tasteful.

Like me.



  1. Oh, that’s just a promo for VH1’s new reality show, “Celebrity Asshole Bowling: Two In The Pink, One In The Stink.”

    I believe the pair in the animated gif above are Posh Spice and Edward Norton. Let’s hope Mr. Norton remembers to wash his hands.

  2. Yes. Sexual assault is, indeed, bad news. So is spousal abuse, as you know, having grown up in a troubled home. But at least it inspired you to explore your creative side, which eventually brought your virtuosity to the world. Not only is your music intelligent and inspirational, your films are among the best. The scene in “Purple Rain” where you make Appolonia jump into “Lake Winnipissaukee” is one of the most memorable moments ever to be captured on celluloid.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let that Morris Day fellow get you down.

  3. OK, but I do agree that it might not hurt for you to think about making this blog a bit more tasteful. Maybe some new curtains and/or pillow shams. I also agree that the bandwidth is being wasted. Maybe a few knick-knacks to fill up the space.

    There, now. That’s what I call a killer batchelor padski. Bring on the skanks, bro!

  4. Looks like a bad out-take from a prono…lol and still laughing. Your readers seem delightfully twisted too (and that is a good thing)!

  5. That’s too weird! My uncle, you know, the one in CAPTCHA, well, his name is Prono. Good old Uncle Prono.

    Hey, guys, lets go over to the next post and stuff some of the new kids in their lockers!

  6. OOOh I see what you mean Pit-Pat , yeah someone definitely needed to slap those shoes off of her.

    I’m feeling like this begs a sequel though? There’s no closure.

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