Let your CAPTCHA be your guide


[Hey there, if you want to see what my life has been like ever since this made the front page of Digg, please click here and check it out! Thanks, HP]

It must be wAcKy PIcTurE thUrsDAy!!! or something.

I guess Digg didn’t think this post was worthy (

I swear to god, I haven’t altered that at all. I was about to submit a post I didn’t think that was great; having second thoughts about just forgetting about it. Then I read that captcha.

I submitted it anyway. I’m not going to let a robot tell me what to do.



  1. CAPTCHA is a system to verify that who or whatever is posting to a website is an actual person. It randomly generates letters and numbers into a picture, which you then copy into that little box. This one just happened to say “WTF FU” as in, “What the fuck? Fuck you!” Thank you for making me spell it out so that I could ruin the joke! I am officially quitting Hollywood now and it’s all because of you!

  2. So did you click on the “Can’t read it? Listen to it!” box?

    Maybe if you had drawn me a picture, you wouldn’t have to spell it out for me. But whatev’s funnyman.

  3. “I submitted it anyway. I’m not going to let a robot tell me what to do.”

    Are you talking about the DIGG robot?
    Anyway… just a note to mention that the CAPTCHA is actually a robot telling you what to to.
    It’s kind of a sick road.


    An automated system/robot can judge if you are human enough??
    Help me Sarah Connor

  4. WTF? What was the picture supposed to be when it was going to be submitted to digg in the first place? Something doesn’t match up here. Fake. Fake. Fake.

  5. My uncle was in a club that I think was called CAPTCHA. They used to have picnics and stuff and he would take me. We would drink special punch and play games like bobbing for apples. I never got an apple, but I think I got a banana a few times.

  6. @Dave Nofmeister

    I calculated the chance to be 1 in 45,239,040 but i too have been wrong many times before…

    Anyone else care to venture a number??

  7. Sweet! There’s nothing funnier than probability. Reminds me of that classic slapstick comedy A Beautiful Mind. Remember how Russel Crowe played the retard who got so frustrated with not being able to “see” his math patterns or what-the-fuck-ever, and he smacked his head on a window, and the glass broke, and his head started bleeding? God damn, that was hilarious! I almost fell out of my chair! It was clearly on homage to the wacky antics of Three Stooges, except there was only one Russell Crowe. But he did have three hilarious imaginary buddies. Remember when the imaginary little girl held out her arms to hug the retarded old math guy, but Professor Lunkhead just walked right by her like she wasn’t even there? That’s right, bitch, you got served! Funniest moment in movie history! The probability of me laughing = yes!

  8. Man, it was like Vermont in October around here for a minute. Those tourists tore the shit out of my lawn. Oh, well. At least I got a couple of wallets and a bitchin’ set of hubcaps!

  9. I’m just happy to know that I was here to witness the meteorical rise and eventual decline of a cultural phenomenon. Time to begin the next phase, in which Eric wanders around Hollywood aimlessly, driving with his babies not properly secured in their carseats, shaving his head, and allowing himself to be photographed sans underwear. You know, anything to stay in the spotlight.

    Then they’ll try to make you go to rehab…

  10. You take your life into your own hands and see what happens? No one to blame. Yet how reluctantly the mind consents to the reality, once the thrill of the livin’ is gone. Rock on hollywoodphony, rock on.

    Hellew there Scott.

  11. Don’t lie.. you were refreshing the page over and over trying to get something funny just to post it on the front page of digg cause you have nothing better to do.

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