The Foot Fist Way


If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend you go out and watch it. I think you can get it on Netflix or something.

I’m not here to review movies or anything, I just want to talk about what I think is really funny.

If you didn’t see Fred Simmons on Conan O’Brien last night, you can try and track it down on Youtube, but I think NBC is pretty vigilant about keeping their clips off of there.

Who is Fred Simmons, you may ask? Fred Simmons is the star of the movie, The Foot Fist Way. Last night, he was on Conan O’Brien to do a tae kwon do demonstration.

That’s what he does: he’s the king of the demo.

As funny as this was; having a small-town, tae kwon do teacher on network TV, the audience’s reaction to the whole thing made it all that much better.

Basically, nobody seemed to get it. At one point, he was yelling at another guest, Will Ferrell. I think to most of the people there, it was just really awkward and they were left wondering what the hell was going on.

The best part is, they never mentioned that this was all to promote a movie that came out two years ago.

No, actually, the best part is this discussion of the appearance that I found when I was looking for the video.

I don’t know, I’ve forgotten what my point is. My point is, this movie is funny and you should go watch it. Sometimes comedy doesn’t have to be laid out in front of you and spoon fed.

Yes, that was my point!

Also, I am an elitist who likes to feel better about himself by putting other people down.



  1. Can’t believe there are people that did not know that was a joke. Apparently some people need that shit spoon fed to them in order to know when to laugh. I guess that’s why the laugh track was invented.

    Then again, there are some comedians who just appeal to everyone. Like that Rob Schneider guy! Anytime you see his greasy, diminutive form on the screen, you just know there are gonna be big laffs! No laugh track needed! Keep you eyes peeled for his next flick, Deuce Bigalow: Electric Boogaloo Jiggolo.

  2. I googled “The Foot Fist Way”, and, I don’t think any of the videos I found was the one you are talking about. I think they were mostly biology films. There was this one I liked, though, with these two girls and a shoe..


  3. OK. I saw the “Late Night”(tm) repeat last night, and I knew it was a setup as soon as he started walking out. Especially when he pulled his Gi out of his ass crack. Will was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

    In sumarry, not only are my hands an idiot, so are the nutsacks who don’t get satire. Maybe they would feel better watching The Power Team or NASCAR.

    Then again, I watch “Late Night”, so what the fuck do I know from entertanment?

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