Listen to me reading a story!

I am lazy. Rather than write something new, I decided to read a story I wrote about Yoda, instead.

Many of you don’t remember my old podcast, with my imaginary friend, Chad Robuckle, but consider this “me dipping my toes in the water to see if I want to start that up again.”

I don’t know, maybe if people like it, I’ll get the motivation to give it a try, again.


  1. This was pretty good for the chick part of me, but the guy part didn’t like it so much. You know that men are very visual in nature, and the male in me could have really used some video to help get off. Still worked, though, I guess, so what am I bitchin’ about, eh?

    Oh, here is a link (no pun intended) to the surveillance video of your brother putting that hot dog under the couch.

    Just thought you might be able to use it as leverage sometime.

  2. Wow, Eric! I am actually very impressed that you were able to get Frank Oz to provide the voicework for those two lines of Yoda dialogue. Tell me, is he as gorgeous in person as he is on screen? Kudos to you, sir! Or, as Yoda would say, “To you kudos I give, durp!”

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