My neck beard is not working for me.


  1. When you say “working”, do you mean like in a RuPaul sense or more like a lumberjack? Because they are two entirely different things. I’ve seen you chop a log, and let me tell you, I didn’t mind it. Do you have a catwalk video?

    I think the beard makes you look like Colin Farrell. I like his movies, especially Phone Booth.

  2. I think you should shave everything but the neck. That’s when the chicks really start pouring in!

    I don’t know about Colin Farrell. I think the current beard configuration makes you look more like our nation’s 16th president, the Lincoln.

  3. seriously though, I am amazed at how far some people will go phishing for compliments.

    You know your neck looks awesome grizzly man. But I am wondering: you seem to be squinting in some of those scenes…put on your glasses

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